Ishida Mitsunari Talent Tree for Gathering

Ishida Mitsunari Guide

Ishida Mitsunari is a new Rise Of Kingdom legendary commander. He can be obtained in gold chest and event.

Ishida Mitsunari is a rage generating machine. Problem is that his other skills are not great for PVP Fights. He can be good for free to players who just started playing Rise Of kingdoms.

He can be good for stealing resources from the city because he haves a 50% bonus load.

Ishida Mitsunari is gathering commander and he can only be used in new kingdoms where people do not have all commanders. Use Him only as a secondary commander. Do not waste your XP and golden stars on him.

Do not use universal legendary sculptures because you will get Ishida Mitsunari max with gold key and events and because he is not so great commander.

Ishida Mitsunari Talent Tree Build

Ishida Mitsunari Talent Tree Build

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