Joan Of Arc Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Joan Of Arc Talent Tree Builds And Pairs





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Joan Of Arc is the best support and farming commander in the Rise Of Kingdoms with Integration, Gathering and Support talent tree. She is a great early, mid and late game. With the right talent tree build, Joan Of Arc will give an insane amount of support buffs for your and alliance troops.

Joan of Arc Talent Tree Build

One of the major things that Joan of Arc is big on is buffing the close-by marches. We recommend using her to the best of her capabilities, and for this reason, we have compiled her 3 builds. 

She has 3 trees, out of which 2 aren’t that great, so there are not a lot of options. The only exceptional Joan of Arc tree is the Support tree. That tree enables her to produce rage in enormous amounts, and that’s the main reason behind Joan of Arc being extremely powerful and one of best Rise of Kingdoms commanders for open field fighting. 

Let’s take a look at Joan of Arc’s builds.

Joan of Arc Support Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Joan of Arc Support Talent Tree Build

If you’re going to use Joan of Arc in an open field or in a canyon as a primary and you’re bringing mixed troops, then this build right here is recommended. This build gets you many stats and invests in the minimal amount of march speed. 

You can make your way up to the Cage of thorns. If you are fighting in an open field, you would want to have 5 points for open-field control. 

Now, let’s talk about the Armored to the teeth. It is said to be extremely good as it provides you with a 4% damage reduction

Joan of Arc Talent Tree Build Support
Main Talents Talent Points
Call of the Pack3/3
Defense Formation3/3
Charge 3/3
Fresh Recruits 3/3
Armored To The Teeth4/4
Loose Formation3/3
Hasty Departure3/3
Burning Blood3/3
Emergency Protection3/3
Cage of Thorns3/3
Defense 5.5%
March Speed12%

Joan of Arc Gathering Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Joan of Arc Gathering Talent Tree Build
Joan of Arc Talent Tree Build Gathering
Main TalentsTalent Tree points
Gathering Mastery Gold3/3
Gathering Mastery Stone
Gathering Mastery Food
Gathering Mastery Wood 3/3
The More The Better 3/3
Superior Tools5/5
Armed Convoy3/3

Talents-gathering is a build of Joan of Arc used for gathering. One thing players should keep in mind is that bringing her to level 60 is not needed if Joan is being used for gathering. Superior tools should be obtained first. 

For obtaining March speed, a Modified axle along with a Tourniquet is exceptionally good. The next step is to remove all the wounded troops.

Proceeding in the game, go to rejuvenate. Improving your siege is also easier at that point as you can easily get your hands on Expert design. 

Canyon Talent Tree Build

Canyon Talent Tree Build

Joan of Arc’s first build is focused on either the usage of a single troop type or the open field. The best thing is that the build works extremely well. Talent points are something we have avoided picking here. 

Getting rejuvenate provides you with the generation of enormous amounts of rage, so you should go and get that first. Upon the utilization of their capabilities by the primary and secondary commanders, a primary Joan of Arc tends to fire her skills up after every 5 seconds approx. This is what makes her a great commander. 

In order to reduce damage, going to the emergency protection would be the best option. Moreover, you can also gain a 3 seconds attack boost after hitting Joan of Arc’s third skill heal by utilizing the counter-attack option. To make it even better, you should opt for pairing up with a commander that’s good at healing. 

To increase normal attack damage, go over to the fresh recruits. Joan of Arc also has March speed that comes in handy in an open field. However, her middle tree skills are not that great. 

This build can be used in an open field, but be sure to take out a point from the counter-attack and give it to march speed. This is a strategic way of getting faster on the battlefield. 

Joan of Arc Guide

Joan of Arc is one of the most legendary and powerful commanders from the world-famous game Rise of Kingdoms. This commander is used in a number of creative and unique ways, which are all extremely useful. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Joan of Arc and her many talents. 

Despite Rise of Kingdoms having multiple commanders, a significant number of players keep her as their first choice. She also works really well in pairs and makes some amazing duos with other commanders. 

Our main point of discussion today is: what exactly makes Joan of Arc such an amazing commander? This question has been raised multiple times by critics and new players around the world, and if you’re one of them, you’ve come to just the right place. Everything one needs to know about Joan of Arc and her immaculate talents have been listed down in this article. 

Joan of Arc is one of those commanders who are genuinely irreplaceable in the game. There have been times when people have compared Joan to Sun Tzu, but even that argument can be revoked as Sun Tzu has been proven to get replaced by a number of commanders. 

Just the vast majority of Rise of Kingdoms players who go out of their way to pick Joan of Arc as their premium choice out of a bunch of other commanders is proof enough that she is one of the best, if not the absolute best, commander in the game. 

The skills Joan of Arc possesses aren’t that easy to figure out as they can be a tad bit tricky to use. But the readers of this article shouldn’t be bothered as we will be unraveling everything you need to know to use Joan of Arc’s skills. 

Some of her best talent builds will also be discussed throughout. Go through the entire read and figure out the order to be followed while leveling up Joan of Arc’s skills along with her 3 builds. 

Joan Of Arc is starting commander that you will get with France which is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms for fighting.

Where you can use Joan Of Arc?

Support-bring Joan Of Arc to big fights so you can buff your troops and alliance members. Joan Of Arc is very important part of today’s way of fighting in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Gathering– She is a great gathering commander but I would advise you to build here talents on skill so you can have more benefits in the field fighting.

How to use Joan Of Arc?

If you build Joan on Support talent tree just send here as secondary commander for gathering with a commander that haves gathering talent tree build.

For field fighting – Now here you must be extremely careful because you will get focused a lot. People know how much value Joan Of Arc will bring to the field so they will try to nuke it. Problem is that Joan Of Arc does not have defense stats and can be killed easily so you must try to hide here. If you are getting focused try to escape or defend her.

Avoid 1vs1 fighting. She is a bad commander to bring in 1vs1. The only mission of Joan of Arc is to support other commanders.

 Why is Joan one of best commander in Rise of Kingdoms?

The answer to the question “why Joan of Arc cannot be replaced by any other commander in Rise of Kingdoms?” is pretty simple. And that is, she has some of the most exceptional skills in the game. 

Her very first skill, called the ‘Divine Revelation,’ is one of the greatest skills any Rise of Kingdoms commander has. This skill is capable of doing an extremely powerful bluff. 

Being an effect buff, ‘Divine Revelation’ elevates the stats along with increasing rage gen. Because of this powerful buff, Rise of Kingdoms players picks Joan of Arc as their commander instead of choosing other legendary commanders they have access to. 

Joan of Arc is also amazing in open fields. The buffs set she possesses is so outstanding that you can bring her out in an open field no matter where you are. With the help of those buffs, Joan of Arc can make you win traditional kingdom wars or fight the dark altar. 

However, like all other great commanders, Joan of Arc lacks some things too. As a result, she tends to fall short on tackiness, survivability, and March speed. 

Should You use Joan as Primary commander?

When the topic of Joan of Arc’s pairing arises, players have a lot of choices on their hands. Most opponents target her in an open field as she is an amazing commander. 

To be on the safe side, we recommend making her the secondary commander so she can hide behind a primary commander. 

Canton is a completely different story as paying as a primary or secondary commander doesn’t really make a difference there,

Joan of Arc Pairings

You have got a lot of options when it comes to the rok pairings of Joan of Arc. If you’re using her in the open field, people will target her as Joan of Arc is a great commander. 

Hence, hiding her as a secondary behind a commander such as Charles or Richard 1 should be a safer option. 

If you’re playing in sunset , then it doesn’t really matter if she’s the secondary or the primary.

You can pair Joan Of Arc with any commander that will bring some survivability like Richard, Caesar, Constantine. But pair Joan Of Arc with them only if you are getting focused a lot on field battles. Avoid using siege units with Arc because your troops will melt from damage that you will receive.

Moving towards the absolute best pairings, here are some of the top recommendations: the First and Joan of Arc

Charles Martel and Joan of Arc

Saladin and Joan of Arc

Alexander the Great and Joan of Arc

All these commanders are great for a game mode like open field or canyon. Use her as primary in a mode like a canyon to get more rapid kills fired off. 

Let’s have a look at the best pairs for Joan of Arc that you should go with. In a game mode like canyon, you can go with a commander like Scipio Africanus with Joan.

Other commanders that you can pair Joan up with are Boudica, Pelagius, or even Sun Tzu. 

If you are fighting in an open field, you might need marches that either give you some buffing or some speed. Going with all the epic commanders, you can choose Joan of Arc primary with Boudica secondary. It is a really great combo. 

If you are bringing full archers, the combination of Herman with Joan of Arc is also quite great.

Aethelflaed Aethelflaed

If you pair Joan of Arc and Aethelflaed you will have full support march. Aethelflaed will bring 30% stats reduction to enemy troops and Joan Of Arc will bring Stats buff yo you and your alliance members. But be careful with this duo, it can die fast.

Joan of Arc Skills

Let’s jump into all the skills that Joan of Arc has, which will make the reasons behind her being so good explicitly clear. 

Joan of Arc guide Divine Revelation Divine Revelation

Rage Requirement: 1000

Active Skill
In the next 2 seconds, Joan of Arc grants her own troops and nearby friendly forces a powerful buff that increases infantry units’ health, increases cavalry units’ defences, increases archer units’ attack, and grants additional rage per second.

Upgrade Preview:
Infantry Health Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Cavalry Defense Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Archer Attack Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Rage Restored: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 40

The first skill, Divine Revelation, in the course of the next 4 seconds, allows her March along with all friendly matches nearby. A mighty buff increases Archer’s attack by 30%, cavalry defense by 30%, and infantry health by 30%. 

It also grants you an additional per second 50% rage which means, over four seconds, you get 200 rage. This buff is not as good when she is only buffing her own March. But when she buffs four to five marches, that’s when things get out of hand. 

Now we know that health is the best stats in Rise of Kingdoms, and many players like stacking infantry in Sunset Canyon. 

Joan of Arc guide The Maid of Orléans The Maid of Orléans

Passive Skill
Increase troops’ gathering speed and increase troops’ load.

Upgrade Preview:
Gathering Speed Bonus: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
Troop Load Bonus: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%

The second skill, The Maid of Orleans, is related to gathering. It increases the troops’ gathering speed and load by 25%. This skill is amazing if you do a lot of gathering. 

Joan of Arc guide Holy Refuge Holy Refuge

Passive Skill
Troops’ normal attack has a 10% chance to heal some of the slightly wounded units. Effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 450

The next skill is ‘Holy Refugee.’ This skill has a chance to heal you and a 10% chance to trigger the factor of healing of 450. This is not impressive at all. 

Joan of Arc guide Saint Saint

Passive Skill
Increases normal attack damage.

Upgrade Preview:
Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%

By her fourth skill, ‘Saint Your Normal,’ attack damage gets increased by 25%. 

Joan of Arc guide Descent of the Goddess Descent of the Goddess

Enchanced: Divine Revelation
In the next 4 seconds, Joan of Arc grants her own troops and nearby friendly forces a powerful buff that increases infantry units’ health by 30%, increases cavalry units’ defense by 30% increases archer units’ attack by 30%, and grants an additional 50 rage per second.

The skill ‘Descent of the Goddess’ increases the effectiveness of the first skill. It enhances the duration by 2 seconds, and it also increases the buff quality from 40 to 50 for the rage generation. The two-second to four seconds boosts what makes the expertise so good on this commander.


The order of leveling your skills upon Joan of Arc is an interesting debate. You should first max the first skill and then the second skill. Since you are going to do a lot of gathering with Joan of Arc, you really do need to max these two skills. 

As the starting commander, Joan of Arc is available; you can also get her from silver keys. You can also get her from the expedition, but for the most part, you will get her from the gold keys. She is definitely the commander you should max out first.


Joan of Arc is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years’ War, and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint. On 23 May 1430, she was captured at Compiègne and later put on trial. After the Bishop Pierre Cauchon declared her guilty she was burned at the stake on 30 May 1431, dying at about nineteen years of age. In 1456, an inquisitorial court examined the trial, debunked the charges against her, pronounced her innocent, and declared her a martyr. In the 16th century she became a symbol of the Catholic League, and in 1803 she was declared a national symbol of France by the decision of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Joan of Arc is one of the most powerful commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. She has a lot of talents, but using them in effective ways can be quite tricky. 

Through the article above, we have explained all the tricks and techniques on how to utilize all of Joan’s talents best.

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