Seondeok Gathering Talent Tree Builds And Pairs




Seondeok Gathering Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Seondeok is legendary gathering commander in Rise of Kingdoms with Integration, Gathering and Attack talent tree. The only use of Seondeok is to farm resources with gathering talent tree build. Do not invest legendary universal sculptures on her. Seondeok can be obtained with a golden chest.

Seondeok Talent Tree Build

This is gathering talent tree build for Seondeok, there is no other talent tree build because Seondeok is no for fighting.

Rise of Kingdoms Seondeok gathering Talent Tree Build

Seondeok Guide

Seondeok is one more legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. The only purpose of Seondeok is to gather resources on the map. Do not invest golden heads in Seondeok. You can get Seondeok with a golden chest. You can pair her with any gathering commander.

You can use Seondeok for looting city if they do not have troops inside. Seondeok will provide more load for siege units.

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