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Takeda Shingen Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Takeda Field Talent Tree Build
Takeda Field Talent Tree Build

Takeda Shingen Guide and Pairs

Takeda Shingen is a commander who hails from Japan. He is a legendary commander that is ranking very good on Rise of Kingdoms Tier List. He is considered to be one of the best cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdom. It is because of his abilities to heal himself, increase his and his troop’s defense, and also reduce the enemy’s strength during the battle. To play as Takeda, you would need to collect 10 of his sculptures that can be obtained through golden chests, VIP shops, and events.

Takeda Shingen is the first cavalry commander in Rise of kingdoms that is not doing skill damage. Takeda Shingen is based on a normal attack and that is bad. It’s bad for pairings because all other calvary commanders are doing skill damage so there is no pairing for him.

The only pair for him is Attila. Together they are the strongest combo in the game. So if you are not planning to get Attila then do not get Takeda Shingen. It is not worth it.

One more problem is that Attila and Takeda Shingen are good for a rally, but for field battles are bad. My advice is if you are free to play or small spender just skip Takeda Shingen. It’s not worth getting him and wasting your golden sculptures. Leave that for big spenders.

Takeda Skills

Fierce as the Fire

This is a great debuff that makes the enemy take 50% more damage from Takeda’s normal attack when maxed out. This is even more effective when his troops are able to deliver a huge amount of regular attack. This skill lasts for 4 seconds and it can be used once every 2 seconds. This lets you use this skill twice every time.

Swift as the Wind

This skill gives a 40% bonus damage to the cavalry unit’s attack. This skill also grants a 10% chance for the cavalry to increase 30% march speed for the next three seconds. This is a great skill if you want to chase your targets.

Gentle as the Forest

This is a great passive skill because whenever Shingen uses his first active skill, his slightly wounded troops get healed every second. This passive skill can be activated only when his troops have cavalry units. This skill lasts for 4 seconds. This is a great defensive skill that increases the survival of Takeda and his troops on the battlefield.

Immovable as the Mountain

This is also a great defensive skill from Takeda as this skill can reduce the skill damage incurred by 5%. When Takeda gets hits by an enemy, there is a 10% chance that he would receive 25% less damage from counter-attacks and normal attacks. This is a great skill when you are fighting heavy nukers.

Kōshū-ryū Gungaku

The enemies that are hit by Takeda’s active skill will receive an additional 30% damage from him. Along with Takeda’s active skill, this skill can increase the damage by a massive 80%. This lets your troops deal damage of 1.8 bonus damage and this is a good boost.

Takeda Pairings

Attila iconAttila has an active skill that increases the normal attack by 30%. As he is a commander who specializes in the cavalry, the cavalry units will also gain a 40% additional attack bonus damage.

This helps Takeda a lot because this increases the overall damage. When Takeda and Attila use both their active skills, the bonus damage attack goes up to 380%. This makes them a deadly pair in the game. You have to use Attila as the primary commander because Attila talent tree is much better.

There are no other ROK commander pairings for Takeda that are good.

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