Best Takeda Talent Tree And Pairs



Best Takeda Talent Tree And Pairs

Takeda Shingen Talent Tree Build

Takeda Field Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Takeda Field Talent Tree Build

Takeda Shingen Guide and Pairs

Takeda Shingen is the first calvary commander in Rise of kingdoms that is not doing skill damage. Takeda Shingen is based on a normal attack and that is bad. It’s bad for pairings because all other calvary commanders are doing skill damage so there is no pairing for him.

The only pair for him is Attila. Together they are the strongest combo in the game. So if you are not planning to get Attila then do not get Takeda Shingen. It is not worth it.

One more problem is that Attila and Takeda Shingen are good for a rally, but for field battles are bad. My advice is if you are free to play or small spender just skip Takeda Shingen. It’s not worth getting him and wasting your golden sculptures. Leave that for big spenders.

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