Update 1.0.44: Ninja Attack

Update 1.0.44: Ninja Attack

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.44: “Ninja Attack” on around
[UTC 2021/03/10]. Before the update, you can download data in advance
via events to earn nice rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this
might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is

NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge Crossover Event Coming Soon (Roughly 1 Week After This Update)

The heir of the Hayabusa clan rises again! What secrets are the ninjas
keeping…? A limited-time Rise of Kingdoms and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge crossover event:

1) Assembling Scrolls: Collect scattered fragments and put them together
to form the Hayabusa clan’ s secret scrolls, and at the same time earn great
rewards such as avatar frames and name plaques!

2) “Dragon Ninja” and “Shinobi of the Shadows” bundles available for a
limited time! Buy them to get lots of rare rewards no longer in circulation!

“Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest” Optimizations

Since putting the Season of Conquest online, we have received lots of
suggestions and feedback from Governors. We have tried and tested many
things, and continued to listen to a wealth of voices from the ROK
community. In this version, we have decided to reduce crystal buffs during
the Season of Conquest, add more ways to gain crystals, and increase the number of crystals earned. Specific details are as follows:

The following changes will take effect for new Seasons of Conquest, as well
as those currently in progress when the update comes online:

1) Significantly increased the number of crystals dropped by barbarians
and barbarian forts.
2) Increased the number of crystals awarded for completing Bastion
3) Reduced the difficulty of Bastion quests.
4) Reduced the refresh cooldown for Bastion quests.
5) Reduced the power of Season of Conquest barbarians, as well as the
action point cost of attacking them.
6) The strategic view of the world map will display the location of Bastions.
7) Reduced the duration of Kahar the Hidden to 30 minutes, and that of
Kahar’s Treasure to 10 minutes.

The following changes will only take effect in Seasons of Conquest which
begin after the update takes effect:

1) Reworked the combat-related buffs which can be obtained at the crystal
research center.
2) Increased the conversion capacity of crystal mines.
3) Greatly reduced the time it takes to upgrade the crystal mine and crystal
research center.
4) Greatly reduced the time it takes to research crystal technologies.
5) Added “Season Quests” which can be completed to earn a large number
of speedup items.
6) Added a lot of achievements, which grant “Crystal Chests” when
unlocked. These chests can be used in the next Season of Conquest to gain
7) At the same time, for any kingdom that begins the next Season of
Conquest after the update, 1.5 million crystals will be given to each

Governor to help them get off to a good start.
We hope the above changes will bring a better Season of Conquest
experience to all Governors. At the same time, we apologize for any
negative impact this may have on Governors who have already
participated in Season of Conquest. We will be sending compensation
items to Governors from kingdoms who have already or are currently
participating in the Season of Conquest. Please be sure to claim it.

Lucerne Scrolls Optimizations

We have noticed that many Governors feel the Lucerne Scrolls are too
difficult and take too long. We have thus decided to decrease the difficulty
of Lucerne Scrolls quests, and to make each event shorter. Specific
adjustments are as follows:

1) Lucerne Scrolls has a brand new display.
2) Each season’ s duration has been reduced from eight weeks to five, and
the maximum quest level has been reduced to 50.
3) Reduced the difficulty of Lucerne Scrolls quests.
4) Added quest rewards for “Ancestor’ s Legacy” and “Divine Inheritance”.
5) You will now still be able to purchase “The Archaeologist” after
purchasing “Treasure Hunter”.

Other Changes

1) We have noticed a number of issues with the “Kingdoms List” and “Lost
Kingdom” displays. Many Governors have difficulty finding the Lost
Kingdom. These issues will be resolved some time after this update. We
have designed new screens for Kingdoms List and Lost Kingdom, and have
renumbered Lost Kingdom servers to be more intuitive.

2) In order to enable more Governors to recruit powerful late-stage
commanders, and in order to promote a more balanced gaming environment, we will be adjusting the pace of commander acquisition
after the end of Season 3. Now once a kingdom finishes Lost Kingdom
Season 3 ( “Light and Darkness” ), they can choose which commander’ s
sculptures they will receive as rewards in the following “Mightiest
Governor” and “Wheel of Fortune” events.

3) At the same time, we will be adding new ways to acquire commanders
so that Governors can access as wide an array of commanders as soon as
they enter Season of Conquest. After a kingdom enters Season of
Conquest, a new Legendary Tavern event will take place, in which
Governors have a chance to gain sculptures for any commander their
kingdom can already access. For specific details and schedules, please see
the event page.

4) The size of teams in the “Ceroli Crisis” and “Ian’s Ballads” scenario
battles will be increased from four to five, and the difficulty of bosses will
be adjusted accordingly.

5) Resources protected by storehouses can no longer be transported.
6) As the dust settles on the battlefields of Osiris League Season 3, Season
4 is ready to begin! With brand-new rules, more pre-match coverage, and
even more in-depth statistical analysis, get ready for the greatest
showdown ever! Stay tuned!

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