Rise Of Kingdoms Best Seasonal Strategies Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Best Seasonal Strategies Guide

Seasonal Strategy in Rise Of Kingdoms is a great way to make your account more powerful. In seasonal strategy, you will find a lot of different strategy skills that you can activate, and they are divided into 3 different categories: leadership, warfare, and support. They are only available in KVK, and after KVK finishes, you will have to wait for the new KVK to have access to them. 

You have to keep in mind that when you pick one skill from the seasonal strategy, you will not be able to change it or reset it. So, always check to see what your role will be in KVK so you can make the best decision.

How does Seasonal Strategy work in Rise of Kingdoms?

How does Seasonal Strategy work in Rise of Kingdoms

When you enter your KVK, you will have access to the seasonal strategy. You do not have to build any buildings like you have to with KVK crystals. Now at the start, you will have 1 strategy point that you can invest in, but as KVK progresses, you will obtain more of them. There are three different categories that you can choose from.

In each column, you will find two seasonal skills that you can choose from. Once you choose the first one, the seasonal skill that you did not choose will be locked and you will not be able to take it. So be careful when you are putting in your strategy points.

Once you pick one skill from a row, you can then pick a skill from the second row. It is the same principle as the first row, where you can choose only one strategy skill. The only difference is that the price of strategy skills will increase by one.

In total, you can take 4 strategy skills from each category. Also, keep in mind that you can’t go from column 1 to column 4. You have to unlock the first 3 columns to get column 4.

  • First column: 1 strategy point
  • Second column: 2 strategy points 
  • Third column: 3 strategy points 
  • Fourth column: 4 strategy points 

What are the best Seasonal Strategies skills that you can take

best Seasonal Strategies skills in Rise of Kingdoms

There are a lot of seasonal strategies available, and they are divided into 3 different categories. Now, your season strategies will be determined primarily by your role in KVK: are you swarming and rallying buildings, fighting in the field, or supplying strong players on your server with resources. There are numerous possible combinations.

Strategy skills are rotated, which means that a few skills will be different depending on which KVK you are on. This is a problem because we do not have access to all of them, and there will be a few skills that we recommend that you do not have. So, if you lack the skills that we recommend, you can consider course substitution depending on your role. Just be sure to read what the skills do.

This seasonal strategy build is for free-to-play players who will fill up rallies and kingdoms that aim to win KVK.

  1. Abundance
  2. Toil
  3. Terrifying Display
  4. All Seeing Eye 
  5. Compassion
  6. Triumphant March
  7. Divine Blessing
  8. Teamwork
  9. Keen Blade

This seasonal strategy build is more for aggressive players who love to fight on the open field and usually get more than 50m kill points. 

  1. Abundance
  2. Toil
  3. Keen Blade
  4. Aggression
  5. Terrifying Display
  6. All Seeing Eye
  7. Compassion
  8. Triumphant March
  9. Divine Blessing

Abundance: This skill will give you an additional 5 resources upon completing the gathering. This is a great skill to have because you will be farming a lot at the beginning of the KVK, and you want to get as many resources as possible if you want to fight. Also, this is a must-have skill for farm accounts

Toil: This is a great skill because you will get one additional bastion quest per day. This will allow you to get a higher percentage of crystal gain, so you can generate more crystals than you will spend on crystal technology. 

Keen Blade: This skill is insanely powerful because you will deal 5% more damage, which is crucial for field fighting. 

Aggression: This skill is useful if you’re racking up a lot of kill points. Every 1 million kill points that you get will increase your damage by 0.1%, so when you get 50 million kill points, you will deal 5% more damage. 

Terrifying Display: This skill is also great for big-field fights. 

All Seeing Eye: When you use this strategy skill, you will get 5 strategy points back. It costs 4 strategy points to take it, but you will get back 5, which means that you will get one extra strategy point to invest. 

Compassion: this will increase your hospital’s capacity by 30%. Compassion is better than Artisanship because it costs around 6 million crystals to max out crystal buildings, so in total you will save 600,000 crystals with this skill, which is not that important. 

Triumphant March: This skill is crucial for all players who are fighting and have a lot of dead troops. At the end of the KVK, you will get 3% of your troops back, which is a big deal if you are losing 1 million troops or more. 

Divine Blessing: It will give you a nice healing after you defeat the enemy. This skill is great when you are fighting a lot on an open field. 

Teamwork: This is a crucial skill for most players. If the rally has 10 people inside that have teamwork, it will deal 10% more damage, which is a huge amount. So if your kingdom is serious and aims to win KVK, this skill is what most players should have. 

How to get Strategy Points 

How to get Strategy Points in ROK

There are a few ways to get strategy points in Rise Of Kingdoms:

Lost Kingdom Chronicles will give you 12 points. This is what you can not impact too much. You will have to wait for them to unlock. To check when you will get seasonal points from the Lost Kingdom Chronicles, simply navigate to the “Chronicles” tab, and there you will have a list of all the features that the Chronicles will unlock and when you will get points. 

Crusader Achievements and Enemy Elimination will give you 5 points.

In total, you can get 17 strategy points, so make sure that you take the strategy skills that you need.

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