Fastest Cavalry March Speed

Fastest Cavalry March Speed

From the beginning of the game, gamers always discuss the fastest pairings. If you have trouble making a great pair, this article is for you.

The right pairing of commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms can keep you ahead in the game. On the other hand, some pairings can be so bad that they can negatively impact your game even though the commanders are excellent individually. 

There’s a lot that goes into play than simply pairing two powerful commanders. This article will review some of the best and fastest cavalry commanders and builders in the game. Now, it’s time to get started!

Why Do You Need Speed?

Before discussing commanders, their builds, and pairings for high-speed, it is important to review why you need speed. Here are three major reasons why you must go fast:

  • Collect Huge Points: If you want huge points, you will need speed. Being fast can help you kill the farmers and take care of the governor.
  • Avoid Getting Caught: It is crucial in the Rise of Kingdoms to avoid getting caught. You can avoid it with enough speed, especially when you are not in the right position.
  • Crossing the Map: In this game, speed is vital to cross the map and reach the structures. 
  • Reaching Far Away Objective: You will need speed in this game to reach faraway objectives. It can be putting one troop into a flag or grabbing a rune. This can also help in building alliance currency.

The Pairing for Super Fast Speed

It is crucial to consider the mobility tree of the commanders to make an exceptionally fast pairing. So, here are some commanders that have the mobility that you should consider as a primary commander.

Speed, Skills, and Commanders

Caco can bring about 10% march speed if you can maximize his third skill. Minamoto can also bring about 10% march speed if you can maximize the second skill. 

On the other hand, Genghis Khan can bring about 15% march speed when out of combat. However, if you are in combat, you get a negative 10%. This means you lose the 15% bonus, and you lose 10% march speed.

Attila can also bring about 15% march speed when you maximize the third skill. However, you do not lose any speed, as in the case of Genghis Khan.

If you are not spending a lot of money on the game, you have other options. Plus, they are super-fast and easy to obtain. Some of them are:

  • Dragon Lancer (10% march speed)
  • Lancelot (5% march speed)

Two more commanders offer excellent march speed even though they do not have it inherently. They are Bibars and Belisarius.

These commanders gain their march speed when they leave combat. However, they are not useful for other activities such as grabbing a rune or crossing the map.

The Ultimate March Speed Builds in the Rise of Kingdoms

You can pair Cao Cao with Genghis Khan or Atilla. Cao Cao as primary and Genghis Khan or Atilla as secondary. This combination can give you about 25% march speed from skills alone. 

If you choose non-legendary commanders, the maximum march speed you can get will be 15% from skills. For instance, you can use Dragon Lancer as primary and Lancelot as secondary.

Now, take a look at some of the fastest possible builds in the game.

Build Number #1

Cao Cao is the fastest commander in the Rise of the Kingdoms in terms of march speed. He has impressive mobility talents in addition to a wide range of skills across his talent trees. Many gamers call him the “King of Speed.”

He has the perfect build to reach objectives, run around, and slay. With this build, you can get up to a whopping 52% march speed.

Cao Cao mobility Build Number #1

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges with his build is managing time. It gives 10% march speed when you are not in combat. However, you will lose 10% march speed when in combat which is a total of 20% swing. Nonetheless, it can help you avoid getting hit.

Hasty Departure

The marching speed increases by 60% for the next seconds with this commander in the lead. This can give you a lot of speed for leaving your structure and your city.

Build Number #2

To avoid the downside of Time Management, you will have to reinvest talents in the Cavalry tree from the mobility tree. This step can 6% and 3% march speed in the cavalry tree to give an overall solid build.

Cao Cao mobility Build Number #2

On the downside, you will lose a few things such as:

Alacrity: You will lose the ability to have a 10% chance to resist slow enemy effects.

Triumphant March: You will also miss the speed boost by 5% for the next 10 seconds after the commander defeats an army belonging to a governor.

On the plus side, this build is the best possible build if you want to escape combat, even though there are faster builds. Nonetheless, this build can provide you with 51% march speed, which is 1% less than the first build.

With this build, you will also get Charge. However, it is only effective when your march is beaten down. It will increase the march speed by 30%.

Improving Cavalry March Speed Without Cao Cao

Apart from Cao Cao, you can go with various other commanders for reliable speed. You can take a look at some of them below:

Dragon Lancer as Primary

You can use Dragon Lancer as primary if you cannot access Cao Cao. You can use the below build. Although you may miss a few talent points, it is very useful. 

You will get a 43% march speed. Even though it is not as good as the previous build mentioned in the article, it is still solid. It is only 9% slower, which is not too bad. You can use Minamoto or Lancelot as secondary.

Belisarius as Primary

You can use similar talent trees as Cao Cao, i.e., Cavalry, Mobility, and Peacekeeping. Additionally, you will get 15% march speed from skills with Genghis Khan or Atilla as secondary. 

It will also give 51% to 52% from talents. So, you will get a total of 67% march speed. Some other secondary commanders you can choose:

  • Cao Cao
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Lancelot
  • Dragon Lancer

You can expect up to 62% march speed, which is excellent as well.

Boosting March Speed with Equipment

Equipment can do more than just cover your needs and stay relevant in the game. You can improve the march speed by using the right pieces of equipment as well. Plus, you can obtain them easily through taverns and events.

  • Windswept Bracers: This level 30 equipment can help you increase the march speed by 3%. Plus, you will receive a 2% increase in cavalry health and a 1% increase in Infantry Defense.
  • Windswept Boots: Similar to windswept braces, this equipment also increases the march speed by 3%. It will also increase the cavalry health and Infantry defense by 2% and 1%.
  • Windswept Breastplate: This equipment can increase the march speed by 3% as well. While doing so, it can improve the defense by 4.5%.

With these pieces of equipment, you can improve the march speed by 6% to 9%.

Tips for Extra March Speed

Apart from choosing the commanders, there are things you can do to boost your march speed. Some of them include Runes, Holy sites, Justice, and Kingdom Title.


Runes are a set of items you can obtain by dispatching your commanders to pick them up. You can activate only one rune at once while it gives you a temporary buff. 

Each rune comes with different modifiers, so you have to pick the right rune for marching speed. You can use the Orange Rune for increasing marching speed.

Holy Sites

You can also use Holy sites for some buffs. There are Sanctums, Shrines, and Altars. Below are two sites that can improve your march speed:

  • Sanctum of Wind can increase your march speed up to 5%. 
  • A sanctuary can increase the march speed by 10%.

Final Takeaway

A great march speed can mean a game-changer in the Rise of the Kingdoms. It can help you collect huge points, cross the map, and avoid getting caught in battles.

It is easier to bring about the fastest march speed than you might assume. The most important thing to remember is to have the right information. 

By considering the talent trees, you can match up some of the fastest pairs. Plus, you should give great attention to the details to choose the right primary commander to make a successful pairing.

Apart from the combinations here, you can try out your own using the talent trees and skills. Furthermore, you can always use runes, holy sites, the right pieces of equipment, and more to add a little more speed.

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