How to select the best civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms 2021

How to select the best civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms

Here’s a blog post for all of you out there that are wondering which civilization is the best in Rise of Kingdoms ever since the latest game update. 

Before diving into the details, you need to be aware that choosing the right civilization mostly depends on the phase of the game you’re currently playing at. There’s a huge difference between simply starting out and beginning, getting prepared for KvK, actually participating in KvK, or simply enjoying the afterlife of the KVK season.

Should I swap a civilization?

First things first, “Why on Earth should I swap a civilization” – this is a question we get a lot, especially from a bit more experienced players. And the most honest answer is a simple one: “Different civilizations have different benefits that you can utilize depending on the phase of the game!”.

Although swapping civilizations may feel like a gigantic change and effort for such a small return on investment (so-called “micro-optimization”) this is only true if you’re looking at a very short-term period of time. If you’re a dedicated ROK player and you’re planning to remain one for a very long period of time then swapping civilizations is going to be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

How to Swap Civilizations?

Don’t spend 10.000 gems for swapping civilizations! I repeat, don’t spend 10.000 gems for swapping civilizations! The thing you should do is to navigate to the alliance shop and purchase “Civilization Change” using your individual credits. Now I know that most players are saving individual credits to purchase migration passports but if you are not planning to migrate you can spend your credits on passports.

Choosing the best civilization for Starting Phase

Choosing the right starting civilization should be an easy choice – since there are only two possible candidates: China and Britain.

My personal choice is to always start with China. Remember, these people built the Great Wall before we even had a word for it…meaning that you shouldn’t be surprised with receiving a 5% building speed bonus you’ll be getting just by selecting China.

Keep in mind that you’ll be making a ton of buildings in your early game. Furthermore, the action point recovery of 5% is going to do wonders for you, not to mention that Sun-Tzu is by far the best epic commander in the game…so pick China as a starting civilization.

Your second choice (and the only one remaining) in our guide is Britain. In my humble opinion, Britain is a decent option since you’ll be getting an “infinite” amount of Boudica sculptures, not to mention the additional troop training speed. However, as time goes by you might want to switch over to China. The reason already being mentioned above: 5% building speed and action point recovery which should result in huge amounts of resource collection as you scale up.

But to make it easier for you, just stick with China in the early game.

Choosing the best civilization for Kingdom vs. Kingdom Phase

The best civilization for the KvK phase mostly depends on your role in the entire event. So before making a final selection please ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I supposed to be a Field Fighter?
  • Am I supposed to be a Rally Leader?
  • If I’m a Rally Leader, what am I using for my rallies?
  • Am I supposed to be a Garrison Captain?

Field Fighter – France

If you’re a field fighter, you’ll be using way too much healing speed-ups, meaning that you’ll also run out of them quite fast. You can avoid this by simply swapping to France and enjoying the benefits of 20% hospital healing speed. 

Not a Field Fighter nor rally leader nor Garrison Captain – Germany

Germany is a nice option when you’re not doing a lot of field fighting (meaning that you’re not running out of healing speed ups). You’ll get 5% troop training speed, 10% action point recovery, 5% cavalry attack. This should give you a very nice value during and after the  KvK. Also the benefits of having a special Cavalry unit are great in every situation

Rally Leader – Arabia

Arabia is a number one choice for rallying, due to the fact that you’ll be getting an amazing 5% increase in damage dealt by rallied armies. 

Rally Leader Archery – Ottoman Empire

An alternative would be to settle for an Ottoman Empire but only if you’re leading archer rallies since you’ll be getting a 5% increase in archer health alongside a 5% skill damage boost. 

Garrison Captain Infantry – Rome

Selecting Rome will result in having a 5% increase in infantry defense, 10% food gathering speed while the troop march speed is at a decent 5% increase as well.

Best civilization for enjoying the game after KvK

Rise Of Kingdoms Spain

Most of the folks are done with strong building after the KvK which means that it’s time to move away from our dear China. If you still feel you could spend time building things you can still stick with China but otherwise I’d suggest moving to the best civilization overall which is going to be Germany.

Troop training speed is amazingly good, action point recovery is even better, the cavalry unit is good and will remain solid throughout the entire time…all of it making Germany the best civilization for between the KvK phases. 

What about the other civilizations

These are kind of alternative approaches, but due to their “special” abilities I’ve felt it’s nice to list them in one place.

Spain: Quite solid for the early game, if you want to power up your commanders – mostly because of the extra 10% experience boost against the barbarians. 

Korea: Has a special purpose for “Whales” but that’s about it (mostly because of the research speed).

Japan: Use only on farm accounts, don’t use it on your main accounts.

What should I do if I don’t want to switch civilization?

If you’re not into doing all of this sophisticated swapping and you want to stick just with one civilization then I suggest you select Germany.

Best choice for most people, troops are great, action points are amazing.

Having other civilizations in mind? Please send us an e-mail and will try to cover different approaches in the following posts. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy playing Rise of Kingdoms.

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