Courier Station

Rise Of Kingdoms Courier Station

The courier station began as a tiny building for transmitting government documents and military intelligence, and eventually grew into a place for officers and merchants to eat and rest. Large courier stations can accommodate hundreds of guests and livestock. ”

Courier Station is a building where you can find Mysterious Merchant. The Mysterious Merchant will visit your city at 0:00 UTC or you can spawn Mysterious Merchant. 

In Courier Station, you can find speedups, resources, boosts and other items teleport, stars, experience, etc. 

In Courier station, you can buy items with resources and gems. 

Mysterious Merchant Boutique Rise of Kingdoms (1)

If you didn’t saw Mysterious Merchant for some time you can spawn her by farming barbarians, training troops, or building. 

For free to play players my advice is to buy only items that cost resources because there is better way to spend gems

For smaller spenders and big spenders to buy with gems speedups that are on big discount. 

You can refresh items that you can buy 5 times. 

  1. Free
  2. 100 gems 
  3. 200 gems 
  4. 300 gems 
  5. 400 gems

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