Where to spend gems in Rise Of Kingdoms 2021

Where to spend gems in Rise Of Kingdoms

Gems are the most valuable resources in Rise Of Kingdoms especially if you are free to play. So you have to be careful when it comes to spending gems. 

What to spend gems on in ROK: 

  1. Unlocking VIP 6
  2. Unlocking VIP 10 (free legendary sculpture daily) 
  3. Buying books of covenants 
  4. Unlocking VIP 12 (2 free legendary sculptures daily)
  5. Spending Gems on Wheel of Fortune.
  6. Unlocking VIP 14 (3 free legendary sculptures daily)

This list should be your priority but that does not mean that you can’t spend your gems in Courier station or in a VIP shop. It all depends on what your situation you are in and what your main goal is. 

If you are not focusing on obtaining gems you will have a hard time to reach a high VIP level.

Spending gems on VIP points 

VIP levels are very important. For 1 gem you can get 1 VIP point. Spending gems to get VIP 10 should be your number one thing to do. You will get daily 1 legendary commander and so many buffs that will speed up your road to Tier 5 units. 

If you do not want to spend gems on VIP points you can look in this guide on how to get VIP points for free. 

Rise of Kingdoms Gems VIP

Spending gems in VIP shop

VIP shop is a great place for you to spend gems. Each week VIP shop will be restarted.

The best items that you want to buy in VIP shops are 8h speedups and teleport. The rest of the items are not so good. You have better places to spend your gems like VIP points and events.

If you are free to play player this is not the best place for you to spend gems.

VIP Shop Rise Of Kingdoms

Buying Book of Covenants with gems

To get the castle to level 25 you will need a good amount of Book of Covenants. If you planning to get Book of Covenants with farming barbarians you will never get to level 25 castle. I am telling you this from my experience and from other T5 players. 

  It is very important to spend gems on books if you are planning to get Tier 5 Troops fast. For 10 gems you can get 1 book of covenants.                                         

If you do not spend gems on the books of covenants you will have your research maxed but you will not have your castle. Without castle, you cant upgrade your academy to level 25 and you need your academy level 25 to be able to research tier 5 troops.

Book of Covenant in Rise of Kingdoms

Buying Items from the Courier Station with gems

Only buy items from the courier station if you have extra gems. Best is to buy speedups that are usually discounted by 60-70%. You can also buy teleport if you need it. You can get a good deal on 24h shields so buy them too. Buy resources only if they are 80-90% discounted.

Mysterious Merchant Boutique Rise of Kingdoms

Spending gems on events

In the Rise of Kingdoms, you will have so many events where you can spend gems. The best event to spend gems is Wheel of Fortune. With Wheel of Fortune, you can get an insane amount of golden sculptures and rewards.

Best time to spend your gems

The best time to spend gems in the Rise Of Kingdoms is during the More Than Gems event. Event duration is 2 days and after 24h it will be restarted.

During the More Then Gems event you want to spend your gems on VIP points, and on books of covenants. 

In More than Gems for 25k gems spent you will get 13 legendary sculptures. Same for the next day.

For 50k gems, you can get 26 golden legendary sculptures. 

If you are free to play it will be hard to have 50k gems. But with farming barbs and saving gems you can collect 7k gems. With 7 k gems spent you will get 5 legendary commander sculptures.

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