Rise of Kingdoms Trading Post

Rise Of Kingdoms Trading Post

”Trading posts have existed as long as humans have traded.” Some of them are held on a daily basis, while others are held on a less frequent basis, but all of them play an important role in people’s daily lives. A trade route was the preferred travel route to a trading post or between trading posts.”

The Trading in Rise of Kingdoms post is a building that allows you to trade or donate resources to your alliance members.

You will be able to send more resources and pay a lower tax rate if you upgrade your Trading Post.

The ROK trading post is useful for farming accounts. A farming account should have a trading post level of 15 or higher.

During KVK, the trading post is a good place to donate resources for healing.

Upgrading Requirements

Trading Post
Tax Rate CostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.10
Goldmine Lvl.1
5,000 35% Food 400
Food 700
2Goldmine Lv.215,000 34% Food 800
Wood 1.3K
1m 30s 10
3Goldmine Lv.330,00033% Food 1.5K
Wood 2.3K
4Goldmine Lv.450,00032% Food 2.8K
Wood 4.3K
5Goldmine Lv.580,00031% Food 5.0K
Wood 7.8K
6Goldmine Lv.6120,00030% Food 8.5K
Wood 13.3K
Stone 5.0K
53m 20s 379
7Goldmine Lv.7160,00029% Food 12.8K
Wood 19.9K
Stone 7.5K
1h 10m 634
8Goldmine Lv.8200,00028% Food 19.3K
Wood 30.0K
Stone 11.3K
2h 20m 1,102
9Goldmine Lv.9250,00027% Food 29.0K
Wood 45.0K
Stone 17.0K
4h 40m 1,973
10GoldMine Lv.10300,00026% Food 43.5K
Wood 67.5K
Stone 25.5K
9h 20m 3,615
11Goldmine Lv.11400,00025% Food 67.5K
Wood 102.5K
Stone 40.0K
11h 12m 5,687
12Goldmine Lv.12500,00024% Food 102.5K
Wood 155.0K
Stone 60.0K
13h 26m 8,317
13Goldmine Lv.13600,000 23% Food 155.0K
Wood 232.5K
Stone 90.0K
16h 8m 11,684
14Goldmine Lv.14700,00022% Food 232.5K
Wood 350.0K
Stone 135.0K
19h 21m 16,040
15Goldmine Lv.15800,000 21% Food 350.0K
Wood 525.0K
Stone 202.5K
23h 13m 21,741
16Goldmine Lv.16900,00020% Food 525.0K
Wood 787.5K
Stone 305.0K
1d 4h 29,294
17Goldmine Lv.171,000,00019% Food 787.5K
Wood 1.2M
Stone 457.5K
1d 9h 39,422
18Goldmine Lv.181,100,00018% Food 1.2M
Wood 1.8M
Stone 700.0K
1d 16h 53,250
19Goldmine191,200,00017% Food 1.8M
Wood 2.7M
Stone 1.1M
20Goldmine Lv.201,300,000 16% Food 2.7M
Wood 4.0M
Stone 1.6M
2d 10h 98,780
21Goldmine Lv.211,400,00015% Food 4.1M
Wood 6.1M
Stone 2.4M
2d 21h 136,090
22Goldmine Lv.221,500,00014% Food 6.1M
Wood 9.1M
Stone 3.6M
3d 18h 190,096
23Goldmine Lv.231,750,000 12% Food 9.1M
Wood 13.6M
Stone 5.4M
5d 6h 269,894
24Goldmine Lv.242,000,00010% Food 13.8M
Wood 20.5M
Stone 8.3M
7d 21h 390,404
25Goldmine Lv25
2,500,0008% Food 20.8M
Wood 30.8M
Stone 12.5M
1x Masters Blueprint
15d 9h 626,317

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 2 Wood 1,000
Food 1,000
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 3 Wood 1,250
Food 2,750
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 4 Wood 2,000
Food 3,750
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 5 Wood 9,000
Food 12,750
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 16 Food 52,250
Wood 79,000
Stone 31,000
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 17 Wood 78,250
Food 118,500
Stone 46,500
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 18 Wood 119,250
Food 178,000
Stone 71,000
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 19 Wood 178,750
Food 268,250
Stone 106,250
Upgrade Trading Post to Level 20 Wood 268,000
Food 403,500
Stone 159,250
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