Genghis Khan is one of the best legendary cavalry commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms. The amount of nuke that Genghis Khan is providing is insane. Great commander to have. you can use Genghis Khan for a rally, field fighting and in some situations for defending.








Mongol Empire

Best Nuking Khan Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build

Genghis Khan Field Talent Tree Build

Genghis Khan Nuke Talent Tree Build  
Main Talents Talent Points
Dragon Saber 3/3
Galea 3/3
Halberd 3/3
Charge 3/3
Undying Fury3/3
Disarm 4/4
Burning Blood3/3
Heraldic Shield3/3
Latent Power 3/3
All For One3/3
Tactical Mastery3/3
Rejuvenate 3/3
Clarity 3/3
Defense: 6.5%
Health: 9%
March Speed24%

Genghis Khan Guide

Genghis Khan is a great cavalry commander. If you prefer cavalry units then you must have Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan is great for filed battles, rally and for killing barbarians. The amount of nuke that Genghis Khan can do in a short period of time is insane.

Because he is so good with nuking he will be focused a lot on field battles. People know how much nuke Genghis Khan can do in a short period of time. So be careful while using him for field battles.

First Skill-direct damage to a single target with an insane damage factor of 1700. This is great but expertise skill will give him a 30% chance to use first skill instantly again. Insane amount of nuke in a short period of time.

Second Skill-reduces rage cost of skill by 100 points. This reduces time to use your first skill and that means more damage.

Third Skill-30% more damage while troops are over 70% hp.

Fourth skill-When you have less then 50% skill damage is increased by 30% and rage restore 25 while attacking.

Genghis Khan Pairings

Pelagius will bring some healing and tank stats. great combo if you getting focused on field battles.

Ok with Khan for slowing enemy on the field.

Less damage them Minamoto but Cao Cao will provide some healing so your troops can stay alive for a longer time.


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