Rise of Kingdoms Race Against Time Event Guide July 2024

Rise Of Kingdoms Race Against Time Event

Race Against Time is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where you can win great rewards like legendary commander sculptures. In Race Against Time, you have limited time to destroy barbarians. Each barbarian will give you points. This event can be done with your friends. 

Race Against Time is a great event where you can get legendary commander sculptures if you get in the top 10. Now it will be relatively hard if you have a lot of pay-to-win players on your server, but as a free-to-play player, you can get a high rank if you give the maximum.

Rise of Kingdoms Race Against Time ranking for legendary sculptures

Race Against Time Event Rules

  1. Players will defeat as many barbarians as they can in 5 minutes.
  2. The higher the level of barbarians defeated, the more points and bonus time you get (bonus time is capped at 4 minutes).
  3. Players will be awarded prizes according to their highest score at the end of the event (prizes can only be claimed once).
  4. Players have 3 chances per day in this event. Daily chances will be reset at midnight (0:00) UTC.
  5. The system will rank players according to their highest score earned over the course of the event. The top 100 players in the rankings will receive extra prizes.
  6. In order to avoid event data errors, governors will be unable to start a challenge during the last 15 minutes of the event.

Preparation for Race Against Time

You will have limited time to destroy barbarians. That means that your barbarians must be close to each other, and there must be enough barbarians so you do not waste time walking. 

Most important is that you send your troops to the first barbarian that you will destroy in the area that you think is full of barbarians before you start the event.

You can Race Against Time event with your alliance members. You will all get the same amount of points, but for this, you will have to use voice chat. With voice chat, you will be able to coordinate attacks so you do not go separate ways. 

Best commanders for Race Against Time

First, you will have to use cavalry troops and commanders because you want to have high mobility and damage. If you go with infantry units, you will be slow and lose time, especially if you have Tier 5 infantry. 

You can also use archers if you do not have enough cavalry units but just avoid infantry and sieges. 

Take all peacekeeping commanders that have bonus damage against barbarians, like Boudica, Lohar, Minamoto, Belisarius, Aethelflaed, etc. For secondary commanders, use nuking cavalry commanders like G. Khan, Attila, and Cao Cao, and if you do not have them, take the best nuking commander that you have. The point is to do as much damage as you can in a short period of time.

Boost damage for Race Against Time

Now you can see that the top 10 rankings will give you legendary sculptures, and all the gems that you will spend to get maximum damage are worth it.

Army expansion 50%: this will boost your damage insanely, and yes, I know that it costs 2k gems to get it, but remember that you are fighting for legendary sculptures.
Boost damage item: Try to get 10% boost damage. If you do not have it, then use 5%.
Gear: equip your commander with the best gear you have.
Scout Player: This will give you bonus damage of 3%.
Alliance Title: ask your r4 to give you an alliance title for damage.
Alliance skill: see if your alliance will use a skill for bonus damage; this will help you a lot.
Kingdom title: anything with bonus damage will help you.
Rune: try to find a rune with bonus damage against barbarians; if you can’t find it or it’s a bad one, then get bonus damage.
City skin: get skin with bonus damage.
Alliance territory: try to find a group of barbarians in your alliance territory.

If I forgot something, leave it in a comment, and I will add it. Happy hunting!

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