Easy Sunset Canyon Guide And Tips

Rise Of Kingdoms Sunset Canyon Guide (1)

Sunset Canyon is gameplay mode in Rise of Kingdoms where you duel other players for ranking and rewards. All players will have the same amount of Tier 3 troops and only commanders gear, skill and talent tree will take effect.

In Sunset Canyon, you can set up your defense and attack formation. You have 10 possible slots to put troops. Now, this is very important because you want to have tanking commanders in front and nuking commanders behind.

For Sunset canyon duel you will receive a reward box with materials or blueprints. Rewards are the same for winning and losing. So do it daily.

This is a great system in the game where you can test your commanders because your troops will not go to the hospital.

Save all you extra tickets for last day so you can push the ranking.

Rise Of Kingdoms Sunset Canyon

The biggest problem is that most of the pay to win players will be in the first place. They have a lot of good gear, commanders and high VIP that will give them extra tickets for the Sunset canyon in ROK.

My advice for free to play plays and small spenders is that you do it before reset. Before the reset, most of the pay to win players will do their sunset canyon and you will be able to get a higher rank. If you do it after reset you will be targeted by them.

Sunset Canyon Commanders

Rise Of Kingdoms Sunset Canyon Commander Guide

All people have different commanders and levels. So it’s impossible to make a good list. You must test your commanders and different positions so you can find out what is best commander combo.

Just remember that Nukers must go back and tank commanders in the first line and that infantry is strong against cavalry, cavalry against archers and archers against infantry. 

We have a guide with the best Commanders Pairing that will help you to find the best combo that is possible to make with commanders that you have.

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