Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin Guide

Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin is a small event in Rise Of Kingdoms where you can get a cost reduction in building, training, research, and other rewards. This event is great for new players who are looking to boost their progress of getting tier 5 units. The duration of the Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin event is 5 days. 

Lucky Stall

Rise of Kingdoms Lucky Stall

You can choose where to use cost reduction . It can be Building, Researching or Training. 

These reductions can cover Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold during the event period but only up to a certain amount per resource, that is, the reduction is capped. 

 The first wish is free of charge. Other wishes will cost one Lucky Coin. Lucky Coins may be obtained from the Lucky Spinevent. 

Once you’ve made a new reduction, you can choose to replace your current reduction bonus with the new one. 

When you cancel upgrades and training during the event, you will receive a refund of all resources as usual. But the canceled upgrades and training still count towards your reduction cap. 

All Lucky Coins will be removed at the end of the event, so be sure to make use of them beforehand.

Maximum of reduction of resources is 50M Food, 50M Wood, 37.5M Stone and 20M Gold

_Lucky Stall Reduction Rise Of Kingdoms

Lucky Spin 

Lucky Spin is a place where you will destroy barbarians, barbarians forts, and use speedups to get rewards like equipment material, speedups, etc. Also Lucky Spin is a place where you will get your Lucky Coin that is used for getting resources reduction in Lucky Stall.

Lucky Spin Rewards 1
Lucky Spin Rewards 2
Lucky Spin Rewards 3

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