Sumer Chapter Festival Gala Guide

Sumer Chapter Festival Gala Guide

Summer chapter is a great event (same as other Rise of Kingdoms events) where you have a chance of getting 35 legendary commander sculptures and many other rewards.  

One of the crucial things that you need to have is 7k gems to invest. Without them, you will not be able to collect all 35 legendary sculptures and epic city skin for infantry from Summer chapter

The summer chapter is divided into 4 smaller events and they are:

  • Festive Preparation 
  • Festival Gala
  • Race Against Time 
  • Summer Festival

Festive Preparation 

Festive Preparation Rise of Kingdoms

Festive Preparation is a place where you will complete small tasks and you will receive small rewards and Flower Paper that will be used to level up your Festival Gala. 

If you are active you will be able to finish them all. Tasks are not that hard. Duration of Festive Preparation is 7 days. 

Festival Gala

Festival Gala Rewards Rise Of Kingdoms

Festival Gala is a place where great rewards are. You will have to complete all 25 Levels in 10 days to obtain 35 legendary sculptures and other rewards. To level up your Festival Gala you will use Flower paper and there are few methods how to obtain them. 

Rewards are divided into 3 parts and rewards are different in each part. 

  • First part- It is available for everyone 
  • Second Part- You have to spend 7k gems to unlock it and you will get those gems back from rewards. 
  • Third part- it costs 10$ but there is nothing special about it. So you do not have to waste your money. 

If you are serious about Rise Of Kingdoms, you must finish all 25 levels to get sculptures and invest 7k gems in it. In the end, you will get your gems back. Spending money is not worth it. 

The best method to Complete Festival Gala

The best method to finish the Festival Gala Event is to farm resources. The good thing about finishing the Festival Gala Event with farming is that you will save your action points and it is much faster than destroying barbarians. 

There are 2 methods of farming to get as much 

First method- Farm LVL 1 wood or food. You will find resource nodes LVL 1 at the end of the map. Your gatherers usually will come back with a box that contains 1-3 paper flowers. Repeat the process and you will not have problems finishing all 25 levels in Festival Gala

The second method- This method is great if you are fighting or you are in KVK where you can’t find LVL 1 resources nodes. Take your gathering commanders and troops with a total load of 130k. When they finish, just repeat the process.  

Other methods of obtaining Paper Flowers for Festival Gala:

  • City Collection- Every time you collect resources in your city you have a chance to get Paper Flower. After some testing with previous events like this one is to wait for 2h before collecting resources from the production building. Do not wait for your city to get full. It is not worth it, just collect every 2h .
  • From Barbarians- Every time you destroy barbarians you will have a chance of getting paper flowers. But is it worth spending your action points? No, it is not, save your action points for different events. Only use action points if you know that you will not be able to finish the Festival Gala with the gathering. 
  • Race Against Time– In a race against time you can get a small number of paper Flowers that will not make a big difference. 
  • Buying the third part of Festival Gala rewards- We already told you that it is not worth buying the third part but if you need a few paper Flowers to finish all levels, go for it. You will get a nice amount of Paper Flowers. 

Summer Festival

Summer Festival Rise Of Kingdoms

Summer Festival is a place where you will obtain name and avatar frames. Summer Festival contains 6 chapters. It is a small story that you have to watch. There is no quest that you have to do like fight barbarians, farm, etc. Just press play and enjoy a small story. When you finish 6 small stories you will be able to collect rewards. 

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