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Ragnar Lodbrok in Rise of Kingdoms





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Ragnar Lodbrok is a legendary commander in Rise Of Kingdoms that is specialized in attacking and conquering cities and he is great for PVP. Ragnar Lodbrok’s talent tree is focused on attacking cities.

Ragnar Lodbrok Guide

Ragnar Lodbrok is perhaps the most feared Viking with huge talent that he often unleashes in the battle against his enemies. He is an excellent and ferocious commander for Rally, Open-Field, and attacking cities. He is also specialized in leading all types of units in Rise of Kingdoms which gives him an edge over the others.

His talents like healing effects reduction and constant attack buffs make him one of the best in open battles. He also strengthens his troops and energizes them when in Rally. He is one of the very best Vikings in the ROK game. 

Although he does not possess any healing effect yet, he can be an excellent choice for suitable pairing and good when players form alliances with another civilization. He also doesn’t have any skill damage quality, but with active skill like ‘Power of King he cannot come to any harm or damage, but at the same time, his troops suffer a reduction of damage by 30%. Then there are passive skills like ‘The Raven,’ which helps him increase his attacks and reduces the chance of the enemy to heal. In short, he is surely a great commander.

Ragnar Lodbrok is a great commander but still, Attila is stronger than him and most of the pro-ROK players do not use him. The only usage that you will find for him is for attacking enemy cities. That is why Atilla is still a better choice. With Attila, you can rally cities and objectives in KVK and AOO.

Great thing is that Ragnar Lodbrok can use any type of troops so you can pair him with any rise of kingdoms commander.

Now is he worth investment. In my opinion, it is not if you are free to play player, Ragnar Lodbrok is for pay to win player. You have a lot of other legendary commanders that are better.

Ragnar Lodbrok needs more testing from top accounts in Rise Of Kingdoms. Also, a great thing about Ragnar Lodbrok is that he is a normal attack commander without skills. So it will be interesting to see how he will perform.

Ragnar Lodbrok Tree Build

Ragnar is a versatile commander, especially in open fields, and can thwart and destroy anything that comes up his path. He may not specialize in leading units of the same kind, yet he can be a great commander for infantry attacks and proves to be hugely efficient with a supportive secondary commander or mixed troops. 

His Conquering talent increases with his weapons like Buckler Shield that reduces counterattack damage by 9%. Selecting his Unyielding talent increases the counterattack damage that he and his troops would do at any enemy by 1.5%. Again, the Armored Joints reduces all damage taken by 1.5%, making Ragnar even stronger than he was earlier. 

If you haven’t learned yet, it is noteworthy that in the Rise of Kingdom game, you will find that each commander starts with 0 talent points beginning from level 1. When you unlock the 5th and 6th stars, you can receive 5 and 10 extra talent points. The current maximum level of talent points is 60, while beyond that, a commander maxes out at 74 talent points. Hence, if you aim to build civilization and cities, you can understand how best to use your commanders, including Ragnar. 

Burning Blood grants you an additional 6 rage every time Ragnar’s troops are attacked, and this has generally been accepted as a pretty great talent. Suppose your commander leads his troops in the battle. In that case, it increases attack by 1.5% X Commander Star Level %, and multiplying the same with the maximum possible star is seen to be fantastic by any standards. Hence, players know very well how Ragnar’s troops can be devastating if they face them on the other side. 

Beyond this, there is yet another talent of Ragnar that needs to be started. It is his ‘Effortless’ talent that increases all damage dealt by 2.5% every 10 seconds up to a maximum of 10%, which is indeed awesome. 

But this isn’t all for you to choose to look at ragnar talent tree, for his Leadership talents are pretty well known. He boosts up the energy of his troops multifold and thereby increasing the ferocity of the attacks. In other words, the Healing Herb enhances the healing effects received by troops by 9%, although you need to use a secondary commander for this as Ragnar alone doesn’t possess it. But it is his talent that boosts up the secondary commander’s healing power. 

You can increase troop capacity by 3% with him at your side, and his talent for Fresh Recruits is legendary. It increases the commander’s Rally build phenomenally. Further, there is an overall reduction in damage due to this feature. Again, with his unique ‘Armed to the Teeth’ talent, Ragnar-led troops containing 3 or more different unit types can increase damage to enemies by 3%. It is especially a big plus when your troops are mixed and can be extra threatening to even highly powerful enemies. 

The Hidden Wrath talent of this commander gives him 6 ‘rage’ every time his troops are attacked, and this is pretty great indeed. 

Ragnar Lodbrok’s talent is not just these, but he again can inflict damage of up to 9% for the troops yet maintain their strength to more than 90%. It is best to strategize with this talent during attacks on a structure so that he can destroy it. It surely means that he can use this talent for greater havoc and wreaking on enemy forces.

Along with this talent, Ragnar has yet another talent, and this is ‘Entrenched’ that increases all damage dealt with strongholds by 3% and damage taken on your troop stronghold reduced by 3%. It is also a great talent that can unleash during critical moments when the assault on structures is the way forward to destroy enemy build-ups. 

Ragnar Lodbrok PVP Field Talent Tree Build

Ragnar Lodbrok Field PVP Talent Build
Ragnar Lodbrok Field PVP Talent Build

Ragnar Lodbrok is a conquering commander so it is hard to create a great talent tree build for field PVP. This is the best what you can get. Rage generation and a lot of stats so you can survive and deal more damage on the field.

Your first step for using this ‘Build’ is the ‘Attack Tree,’ and doing Effortless and ‘Fight to the Death’ can speedily help improve with lower damage. The next is the ‘Leadership Tree’ although you may go for the latter first and take the next step as ‘Attack Tree.’ The last one is the Buckler Shield which will give you the maximum out of Ragnar. The choice lies with you, and you can strategize on this before you pitch in your commanders. 

Ragnar Lodbrok Mixed Troops Rally Build

Ragnar Lodbrok Mixed Troops Rally Build
Ragnar Lodbrok Mixed Troops Rally Build

You can use Ragnar in this talent while attacking other cities of other players. It is always preferred when a new kingdom is formed. 

Hence, Ragnar can rely upon both for Rally and Open-Field attacks, and with a proper secondary commander assisting him, you can get your game into excellent shape. You can plan for real-time attacks like surprise counter attacks or send troops to help your cornered ally.

Ragnar helps give you the best while it is for you to choose which secondary commander is the ablest to support him. It would prove to be a disaster for you if you play Ragnar alone, for most other opposing players too would have their own two strong and able commanders to launch their attack on your troops. 

The world map can assist you in getting an idea about the battle being fought on a single enormous screen map. You will also find natural obstructions like rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes for gaining entrance into the neighboring regions. There are limitless strategic possibilities, and make use of Ragnar as your top commander.

Ragnar Lodbrok Pairings

There are a few excellent pairing that can go with Ragnar as a primary or a secondary commander. The first name that strikes is Trajan, who has several similarities with the ragnar talent tree. The together can do great damage with an overall attack, strong buff, and debuff. Both are also good to lead mixed troops.

Trajan is excellent in Open-field battles and is always a great supporter of nearby allies and his helpful buffs. He brings into the troops a large number of additional fighters that increase the existing forces’ strength. He, however, does not possess healing powers, which can be a disadvantage as both fighters will need a lot more strategy than getting injured. 

The next best bet you can have is choosing Saladin, who is excellent both at leading Cavalry units and conquering enemy cities. He is the most versatile commander in the game when it comes to Player Vs. Player and is good again in Open-Field and Rally against enemy structures.

Even in the case of the worst scenario where there is a ruthless Infantry attack for Saladin can lead your forces to success and ruin every structure on the way. But he has to be used strategically, for he has no AOE skill damage and can only take on a single target. Also, he can’t heal the troops, which may count a great deal for some players. For this reason, many players take Ragnar as primary, and Sun Tzu as secondary, for the latter has healing power. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer to have Minamoto as primary and Ragnar as secondary, then it should work as you can generate rage and can inflict maximum damage to your enemies. 

It is also very advantageous to pair the ragnar with Attila talent tree with the latter as primary and the former as secondary. In this way, the pair can inflict huge damage, and Attila increases troop capacity and healing reduction. Attila is also one of the most feared Cavalry commanders and has superb debuffing capabilities. 

Attila’s abilities like powerful buffs and debuffs can penetrate the enemy structure and can deal huge troop losses for them. He can very appropriately use counter-rally against enemy rallies. However, he also takes damage to his troops which is why you must use him strategically. Surprisingly, he is great in Open-Field battles, too, and you can count on him to pair with Ragnar to form a tremendous force in ROK. 

Ragnar Lodbrok Skills

Power of the King

Rage Requirement: 1000

Troops led by this commander deal 10% increased damage and take 5% reduced damage for 4 seconds.

Upgrade Preview: Damage Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Damage Taken Reduced by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

Power of the King is a strange skill. Most of the commanders have an ability that is skill damage while Ragnar Lodbrok has a damage bonus. Good thing is that this bonus is huge and also you get a lot of damage reduction witch makes him a tank commander. A great skill to have while attacking cities and troops on the field

The Raven

Attack is increased by 5%. Normal attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the target’s healing effects by 20% for 3 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Attack Bonus: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
Healing Effect Reduction: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%

Again with The Raven skill, you will get a bonus attack and on top of that, there is a chance that you will reduce enemy healing effect by 40%. This skill can be huge especially against commanders like Richard that use healing a lot. Greta skill for field battles.

The Horn’s Call

Troops led by this commander deal 2% increased damage when attacking cities.

Upgrade Preview:
Damage Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

Again we have bonus attack and this is only for attacking cities. Overall nothing great with this skill

Lord of the North

Troop capacity is increased by 2%. When this commander launches a rally, rallied troops gain 2% increased troop capacity.

Upgrade Preview:
Troop Capacity Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Rallied Army Capacity Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

This skill is great when attacking cities. More troops in rally more damage you will do.

Odin’s Might

Enhanced Skill: Power of the King: Troops led by this commander deal 40% increased damage and take 20% reduced damage for 5 seconds.

This skill will boost Ragnar Lodbrok’s first skill by 10%. I wish this was something better but it is not that bad.


Ragnar Lodbrok is said to have been king of the Vikings for much of the 9th century CE. Legends indicate that he was a son of the mythical Sigurd Ring, king of Sweden. According to ancient histories of northern Europe, he ruled much of Sweden and Denmark, and would frequently lead raids on the British Isles and the Holy Roman Empire.

The raids of many chieftains with the name Ragnar or similar around this time are attributed to Lodbrok, the most famous being the Sack of Paris in 845. He led 120 longboats carrying thousands of men straight up the Seine and into Paris. They then plundered the A city with little resistance, leaving only once Charles the Bald gave them 2,570 kg of gold and silver as ransom.

While Ragnar’s existence is sometimes debated, there is no denying the existence of the great Viking leaders of the following generation who are said to be sons of Ragnar, including Björn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, among others.

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