Best Lohar Talent Tree Build And Pairs

Lohar is one of the oldest commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms. Lohar can be obtained with the event Lohars trial Event. Today, he is still one of the best commanders to kill barbarians and level up your commanders but for PVP fights he is bad.




Best Lohar Talent Tree Build And Pairs


Lohar, born in a remote barbarian fort, showed a great fighting talent that was beyond his age. He training was very strict as part of the main force for protecting the fort. A hard childhood made him so bored at training even hate, but once he experienced a cruel fight against another fort and fell in a huge fire. He promised that one day he would grow strong enough to protect his fort no matter the cost. When he became a great leader, he met the enemy that burned his fort, he claimed the victory but didn’t achieve his revenge. He combined the two forces in a friendly way and made the force a strong power in his land.

Lohar Talent Tree Build

This is the best Lohar talent tree build that you can do. Unfortunately, there is no good build for PVP. Lohan is a commander that you want to use only for barbarians. If you have to use him then put him as secondary commander.

Lohar Barbarian farming Talent tree

Rise Of kingdoms Lohar Barbarian farming Talent tree guide

Lohar Talent Tree Build For Barbarians  
Main Talents Talent Points
Killer Instinct 3/3
Domination 3/3
Quick study3/3
Insight 3/3
Mighty Force3/3
Trophy Hunter3/3
Double-Edged sword3/3
Thoroughbreds 3/3
Curing Chant5/5
Elixir 3/3
Hasty Departure3/3
Burning Blood 3/3
Rejuvenate 3/3
Defense: 3.5%
Health: 3.5%
March Speed: 27%

Lohar Guide

Lohar is designed to destroy barbarians. A lot of healing, a bonus of 35% damage to barbarians and 70% experience gain. When you start fresh on a new server or it is your first time to play Rise Of Kingdoms you must get Lohar. He will speed up your leveling commander process and you will be able to destroy barbarians very fast.

For field fighting he is ok on the new server but on old where people have max commander is not.

Because he is designed for barbarians he does not have a lot of relative skills for field fighting and you will get focused a lot during fighting because people know how easy is to kill Lohar.

If you do not have other commanders to fight then you can use him but try to avoid using him for field combat.

For destroying barbarians you will use Lohar as primary commander and commander that you want to level up as secondary.

How to obtain Lohar In Rise Of Kingdoms?

  • Lohar can be obtained with Lohar trails event.
  • In that event, you will destroy barbarians and receive Bone Necklace.
  • In Bone necklace, you have a chance to receive item Lohars Army.
  • Using Lohar army item you will spawn Lohars army on the map that you can destroy.
  • Destroying the Lohars army you have a chance to receive Lohar sculptures. We have a special guide on the Lohar Trail Event with all special details and tips.

Lohar Pairings

Read more about our best commander pairings

Aethelflaed – She is a great commander you can pair with Lohar. With her abilities, she can debuff the enemy’s attack, health, and defense reduction. She also has a passive skill that can give bonus damage to the barbarians. They are a great combination for the farming-chain barbarians quickly and easily. In this pairing, Lohar should be the secondary commander because aethelflaed has the ability to hit multiple enemies with her active skills.

Boudica – Even though Boudica does not have debuffs, her passive skills can restore rage and also heal her troops while restoring rage. This increases the total healing and damage when they are fighting with the barbarians. Boudica gains damage to barbarians. This makes them a great pair. In this pairing, Lohar should be the primary commander. It is because of the active skills of Boudica.

Lohar Skills

Lohar guide Overwhelming Force Overwhelming Force

Rage Requirement: 1000

Active Skill
Deals direct damage to a single target and heals a portion of your army’s slightly wounded units.

Upgrade Preview:
Direct Damage Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 450
Healing Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 450

This active skill needs to be maxed as soon as possible. This allows him to deal a great deal of damage to a single enemy and also heal his wounded troops at the same time. This is much better when Lohar has a good rage restoration which is because of his partner or talent build. 

Lohar guide Sanction Sanction

Passive Skill
Increases damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units.

Upgrade Preview:
Bonus Damage to Barbarians: 5% / 10% / 17% / 25% / 35%

This skill gives Lohar the bonus damage when he is fighting neutral units or barbarians. This skill gives Lohar 35% more damage and also makes it easier to farm from barbarians.

Lohar guide Lohar's Trial Lohar’s Trial

Passive Skill
Increases experience received by all commanders in the current army.

Upgrade Preview:
Experience Bonus: 10% / 20% / 30% / 50% / 70

This skill gives Lohar and his partner a bonus when they defeat neutral units and barbarians. The huge bonus they get is 70%. This shortens the time taken to level up the commander of your choice.

Lohar guide Unruly Blood Unruly Blood

Passive Skill
Heals some slightly wounded units upon leaving a battle

Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000

This is a great passive skill that reduces the number of wounded troops when you require some barbarians farming. This helps you use fewer resources for healing from the hospital.

Lohar guide Unyielding Spirit Unyielding Spirit

Enhanced: Unruly Blood
Heals some slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 2000) upon leaving a battle.

When Lohar is leaving the battlefield, his wounded troops receive a healing factor of 2000. These enhanced passive skills let you reduce the wounded troops who make barbarians farming productive. In total, you would receive a healing factor of 3000 in total.
Pairing Commander

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