Rise of Kingdoms Vikings Civilization Guide and Tips

Vikings Civilization Guide and Tips

Vikings is a civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms that is particularly beneficial to infantry players. If you are a player who spends a lot of time fighting, especially defending structures and rallying infantry, you should switch to Viking civilization.

Viking Civilization stats

If you select Vikings, you will receive three bonus stats. You will gain a 5% increase in infantry attack, a 3% increase in counter damage, and a 10% increase in troop load.

The 5% infantry attack bonus is not as great as it appears. Infantry troops are most effective when equipped with health and defense. This stat is only good for damage and not so good for deafening.

If you’re getting swarmed a lot, 3 percent Counterattack damage is a great thing to have. When defending objectives in AOO and KVK, it is insanely good. Because you will be swarmed frequently, counter-attack damage will deal a nice amount of damage.

Troops load of 10% is only useful when looting other cities and gathering ; there is no other use for troop load.

Vikings special units

Rise of Kingdoms Vikings tier 4
rise of kingdoms vikings tier 5

Berserkers, Viking’s special units in Rise Of Kingdoms, are fantastic. They have a nice boost in defense and health, while other civilizations’ special infantry units have a boost in attack. An increase in defense and health is ideal for defending structures because you want to have as much health and defense as possible when defending structures.

Should you switch to Vikings as your civilization?

Vikings are a great civilization, but in most cases, you will not defend structures, so you do not need to switch to Vikings. It all depends on your playing style and what you want to accomplish. Any infantry civilization is fantastic, especially France, which will increase troop health and healing speed for all units.

Vikings are a PVP and fighting civilization, so if you are a new player, you should avoid them. Instead of Vikings, you should choose Germany or Korea to accelerate your growth or if you need fighting civilization you can check our our Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Tier List.

Vikings Commander

vikings commanders in ROK

Bjorn-ironside iconBjorn Ironside and Ragnar-Lodbrok iconRagnar Lodbrok are the Vikings’ commanders. Bjorn-ironside iconBjorn Ironside is a great infantry commander for new players, so you should max him out, whereas Ragnar-Lodbrok iconRagnar Lodbrok isn’t worth getting if you’re new or free to play player. They can be obtained through the gold chest, expeditions, and events. If you intend to use them, you should look at Bjorn-ironside iconBjorn’s talent tree as well as Ragnar-Lodbrok iconRagnar Lodbrok talent tree to get the most damage and stats out of them.

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