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There are a lot of hacks, tips, and tricks in Rise of Kingdoms that you need to know. Knowing these life hacks, tips and tricks will help you a lot in growing and making your Rise of Kingdoms experience significantly more enjoyable.

I could talk the whole day about life hacks, tips, and tricks, but usually, every one of them needs a separate guide. So if you are looking for a specific guide or tips, you can find them on our website.

Farm account

Rise Of Kingdoms farm account

A farm account is one of the best things that will help you in Rise of Kingdoms. When you get to mid- or late-game, you will need a lot of resources, and it will be hard to have enough, especially if you are fighting a lot.

You will need your farm account while you are gathering gems with the main account. While you gather gems, your farm account will gather other resources.

It’s not hard to set up your farm account.

You can download Emulator and play on your farm and on your main account at the same time. Or if you have more accounts, you can play them all at the same time.

Never stop building

You should never stop building. As you realize soon, there’s a vast amount of buildings that are available in the game, and as you start upgrading them, some of these upgrades are going to take a lot of hours.

The maximum level of building in the game is sitting at 25. The best tip we can give you is to build the longest building overnight. As soon as you start the construction, don’t forget to ask for help from the alliance, since this will greatly reduce the time to upgrade buildings. 

Speed Rush Academy

Speed Rush Academy

Now, this is very important to do. While you are upgrading the academy, your research will be stopped. You must use speedups to finish Academy so you can go back to researching. Why?

While you are waiting 25 days for your academy to upgrade, you will lose 25 days of research. It will slow your process of getting tier 5 troops. You must use the speedups here to save time.

Scouting Villages and Caves

A lot of people forget about villages and caves, especially new players. Scouting caves and exploring villages will give you a lot of good rewards, like a 2-hour speedup, troops, some research, etc. So try to do them as much as you can, especially at the start.

Gem farming

Farming Gems

Now, a lot of people will say that farming gems is a waste of time, but it is not.

If you have free time, you can farm up to 10,000 gems every day. But for this, you will need maximum gathering commanders and maximum gathering technology if you are planning to farm like crazy.

I have all max, and it usually takes me 10–15 minutes to farm 10 gems. Now, when you add five gathering troops, that is around 400 gems per hour.

But the only problem is that you will not have time to farm other resources. That is why I always recommend creating a farm account.

Whale Alliance

We all know that there are a lot of rich people who do not mind spending a lot of money on video games. You can take advantage of that.

You must join a whale alliance, especially if you are a free-to-play player. The amount of free stuff that you get is insane. It will speed up your process of getting T5. 

So if you do not have a whale alliance on your server, then migrate. You must get inside the whale alliance, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

Hide Loot From Attackers

Hide Loot

This is usually for small or new players. There is a limit on the storehouse and how many resources will be protected.

If a high-power player sees that you are a new player and that you have a lot of resources, you will be attacked and looted.

To prevent that, you must save your resource items. Do not use them if you do not have to. There is no limit on how much you can save. This will reduce the chance of you getting attacked.

The Mightiest Governor Cheat

The Mightiest Governor is one of the best events in Rise of Kingdoms. There are ways to get more points. Like asking the alliance to feed you with kills, zeroing your farms, etc. We have an in-depth guide on how to win the Mightiest Governor event.

Choose your civilization

Choosing Civilization

When you install the game, the first thing you need to do is select your civilization. Every civilization comes with different strengths and special abilities. But it all comes down to selecting the civilization that matches your preferred style.

Take Japan and Rome as an example. The first one is for those of you who would like to expand rapidly since Japan’s attack on troops increased by 2% and the speed of reconnaissance on the march by 30% exceeded the baseline value.

Rome, on the other hand, will earn you bonuses for the building-defensive style of gameplay: the protection of the infantry base is increased by 5%, and the collection of food has a 10 percent bonus. 

Avoid spending money before learning the game

The game’s UI/UX is so conversion-oriented that it’s extremely difficult to resist the temptation of paying to win. But you really shouldn’t be spending any of your money before playing the game for at least 2–3 months. 

Play to the strengths of your army

There are 3 different army types in Rise of Kingdom: Archers, Infantry, and Cavalry. Every type has its own strengths and weaknesses. With that being said: archers are best for attacking and are best utilized against infantry. On the other hand, Cavalry is focused on speed and is best used against archers. Last but not least, infantry focuses on defense and counters cavalry.

Use gems for upgrading your VIP status

gems for upgrading your VIP

Gems are Rise of Kingdom’s premium currency, which on its own means that you should be spending them carefully. One of the best ways to spend your gems is to upgrade your VIP status. Try getting your VIP to Level 6 early in the game and continue to work towards maxing it out to get even more bonuses from the daily chest.

Wait spending gems until the “More than Gem” event arrives

Aside from spending gems to upgrade your VIP status, the second best way to spend your gems is to wait until the More than Gem event arrives. You’ll be able to collect the legendary sculptures along with resources, bonuses, and other items.

Make sure you login at least once a day

The best way to earn speedups, tokens, resources, items, and golden keys is to log in every day and perform your daily objectives in order to maximize your rewards.

Collect resource every 10 hours

You should be collecting the resources from (mining) buildings at least every 10 hours. Otherwise, your whole production of resources is going to stop. 

Always do this before leaving an alliance

Make sure you always collect alliance treasures, chests, and rewards before you leave your alliance.

Be careful with your speedups


Just like with gems, speedups are one of the key resources in the whole game. However, before using them, you should make sure that you’ve already utilized all the help you can get from your alliance members. Save your speedups for complex buildings.

Focus on improving your commander

One of the key elements of improving your commander is its level. Your commander has the ability to command your troops and boost their strengths. Make sure to surface the web to find the best talent builds for every commander. Once you find the right commander, try sticking with them. Again, use the web research, the best rise of kingdoms talent guide, and understand how to use their skills.

Spend resource tokens carefully

Never, never, never, never use your resource tokens during peacetime. Simply store them in your inventory and utilize them for events or during wartime.

Avoid attacking cities if you’ve just started

It doesn’t get more self-explanatory than this. If you’ve just started the game, we politely ask you not to attack cities. Why? Because it’s simply not worth it. You’ll end up losing more than you gain from the battles.

Be careful where you farm

Make sure you’re always farming in a friendly alliance territory. This will increase farming speed by 25 percent. 

Play smart in PVP events

A lot of people don’t know what they’re doing in PvP battles. A general rule of thumb is to focus on defeating a player on whom you can bet. Otherwise, you’ll end up just losing your resources and troops.

Try playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC

If you don’t like charging your phone constantly, try playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC from our trusted partners at Bluestacks. Read more in our blog post. Furthermore, this is great for establishing farming accounts since it makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts.

Stick to one troop in end game

Once you spend a couple of months in the game, you should try sticking to just one type of troop in order to maximize your resources and specialize your commander’s troops.

Best tip of day

Rise of Kingdoms is a game of patience and activity. Try to be as active as you can and do every event that is in the game.

The most important thing in the Rise of Kingdoms is to join the Whale alliance.

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