Heroic Anthem – Season of Conquest New KVK Guide (Oct 2020)

Heroic Anthem – Season of Conquest New KVK Guide

Heroic Anthem is a new version of kvk mode in Rise of Kingdoms. Currently small amount of kingdoms are chosen for testing new kvk Heroic Anthem

Kingdom 1002 is one of first kingdoms that will test Heroic Anthem KVK so if you want to join and be one of first players who will experience new KVK. You can contact any r4 officer from UCS(United Kingdoms) and 2-FB( Fire and Blood) 

We will update this guide every time we find something new. This is what we can see currently in Rise Of Kingdoms about Heroic Anthem. 


  • King of the kingdom can choose what story (KVK) your kingdom wants to play. 
  • After the registration period ends you can not change the story and you will be matched against kingdoms in the same story. 
  • There will be 4 camps and each camp can have a different number of kingdoms.
  • Kingdoms who did not participate 3 times in a row are automatically registered to a random Story during the next registration period. 

Heroic Anthem

Heroic Anthem Rules

FOG – You remember when you started playing Rise Of Kingdoms that you had to explore fog to unlock some parts of the map? That is back. You will have to use your scouts to clear fog in the Heroic Anthem and we are predicting that there will be a small reward for doing that. 

Bastion- Basically you will have to find Bastions that will have a commander and their troops inside. You will be able to use them. There are a total of 14 different commanders that you can discover. 

Favor- You will complete quests that will increase Favor of your commanders and your crystal mine work speed will be increased. When you collect enough Favor your troops will be able to use one of the commander’s abilities as support skills. 

Support Skill- Each troop can use an additional two support skills, whose levels will be based on your corresponding commander. If you do not yet have that commander, you cannot use that skill.

Bastion, favor and Support skills are very interesting and there will be a lot of things to learn and there will be a lot of new meta and commanders pairs in the new Heroic Anthem KVK. This will be interesting. 

Special Content

Heroic Anthem Special content

Crystal Mines- when you enter in Heroic Anthem KVK you will be able to build Crystal Mines where you will be able to “work” mine. 

Working the Mines- Basically, you will WORK mine to get crystals that you will use to unlock research. To WORK mine it will cost food, wood, stone and gold. 

Upgrade Crystal Mines- With upgrading mine, you will increase the maximum amount of work and completing quests given by commanders will increase work speed. 

Crystals- as you can see that you can mine crystals and they will be used to research new technology. 

Resources Production- Crystals can not be plunder which means that nobody will be able to interrupt you from producing crystals. 

Coalition System

Heroic Anthem Coalition System

Join Coalition- Coalitions are created by alliance leaders. Alliance must be from the same camp to join the coalition. 

Coalition Features- If you are in coalition with other alliances you will be able to help, repair buildings, join the rally, etc. Basically, you will be able to do everything without joining another alliance. 

Teleport- After Past Glory, you will be able to teleport on any territory that is from your coalition. 

Rewards sharing- now you do not have to join other alliances to receive a reward. All coalition members will receive the same rewards. 

Boost- All alliances in the coalition will share effects from holy sites, passes, etc. 

Building Occupation- all coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars and ruins.

Rewards System and SHOP

There are 2 different currencies in Heroic Anthem that you can use to buy legendary gear, legendary city skins, legendary material and much more.

Seasonal currency- They are earned by completing research in crystal research center 

Conquest Coins- you can get them by completing Crusader Achievements.

Note- If  you do not spend all your coins they will be saved and you can use them in the next kvk. 

Legendary gear- you have to be careful with this one. You want to choose legendary gear that you can craft but I would not recommend you choose weapons that cost 2 Conquest Coins because they are too expensive to craft. You will need 15 legendary materials to craft them and it is not worth it. Big pay to win players will have a hard time crafting that gear. 

City skin- Now you can choose what legendary city skin you want to choose. You are not limited to only one city skin which is great especially for free to players who are focusing on one main type of troops. 

Rewards System and SHOP Heroic Anthem
Rewards System and SHOP Heroic Anthem
Rewards System and SHOP Heroic Anthem

Map- Camp System

Heroic Anthem Map

There are 4 camps and each camp will have a different number of kingdoms. That means that one camp can have 2 kingdoms and the other camps can have 4 kingdoms. We think that Lilith is calculating the number of active players so each camp can have the same number of players with similar power. But we will see.  Like in every kingdom vs kingdoms  you will have a center where you want to take control.