Heroic Anthem KVK In-Depth Guide for ROK


The Heroic Anthem in Rise of Kingdoms is a new version of KVK mode. There are a lot of new things that are implemented in Heroic Anthem KVK but with this guide, you will be prepared and learn everything. 

King of the kingdom can choose what story (KVK) your kingdom wants to play. After the registration period ends you can not change the story and you will be matched against kingdoms in the same story.

There will be 4 camps and each camp can have a different number of kingdoms. Kingdoms who did not participate 3 times in a row are automatically registered to a random Story during the next registration period. 

You have to have City Hall Level 25 to enter the Heroic Anthem. This is implemented to stop small level accounts from botting and ruining fun in KVK. So push hard as you can to reach LVL 25 City Hall. 

If you are looking for first Rise Of Kingdoms KVK and New Heroic Anthem – Season of Conquest just click on the link. 


Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem KVK FOG

You remember when you started playing Rise Of Kingdoms that you had to explore fog to unlock some parts of the map? That is back. You will have to use your scouts to clear fog. It is very important to start clearing as soon as you teleport in the Heroic Anthem. Why? Simply because you want to find all Bastions.


Heroic Anthem KVK Bastion

Bastions are buildings that have commanders inside them. You will have to clear the fog to find them. The location of Bastions is the same for every player so your alliance members will share location in chat. After you find Bastion it will reveal the commander inside. 

Each bastion has a different commander skill inside. Now when you discover it you will have to do quests. Each Quest will reward you with Favor and Crystals. 

You must do them daily. Each Bastion has levels that you will upgrade with completing quests. Legendary Bastions have a higher level. When you upgrade bastion on level 6 you will unlock commander skill that you can use on any of your commanders. On top of that with the increasing level of a bastion, you upgrade crystal production which is crucial if you want to upgrade KVK technology. 

Now there is alliance technology that you can upgrade to increase Favor. that will speed up your progression of getting commanders. 

Keep in mind that your alliance or coalition must touch bastion to be able to upgrade them and you will be able to do 15 quests daily so choose what commander skill you want to get. 

The problem with bastions is when you pick up a quest you can not cancel them and you must wait 14H to be able to pick a new quest. There is one annoying quest that made me angry is alliance tech donation. This will be a big problem for you if you are not careful. Quest is donating 5 alliance tech donations but there are few problems.

Problem 1 is if you do not have alliance donation chances you will have to wait to get them. Yes, you can use gems but if you leave alliance and join another you will have to wait for 24 to donate with gems. 

Problem 2 is if you are in an active alliance, donation in technology will be full and you will not be able to donate. So be extremely careful with this. 

Hopefully, they will add a feature to cancel the quest or remove this annoying quest. 

Support Skills

Heroic Anthem KVK Support Skills

After you get Bastion on level 6 you will be able to use support skill on any commander pair that you want. There are a lot of different skills that you can unlock so there will be a lot of different combos. You can read about every commander skill on the support Skill panel. If you are free to play focus on one skill then when you get it to move to get the second skill. Most important to remember is that commander support skill is based on your commander skill. So if you have Sun Tzu max out you will get LVL5 but if his skill is LVL 3 you will receive level 3 skill. So be careful when you are choosing Commander skills.

Heroic Anthem Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center

Heroic Anthem KVK Buildings

In Heroic Anthem KVK, There are 2 new buildings that you can build inside your city. They are Crystal mine and Crystal Research Center. Keep in mind that you will be able to use speedups on buildings and for researching. 

Crystal Mine– it is a building where you will produce crystals so you can upgrade technology and these 2 buildings. Higher level your Crystal Mine is more Crystals you will produce. There are also technology and ways how you can boost production also. 

To start the Production of crystals you will have to spend a small number of resources. 

Crystal Research Center– Now this is the interesting part. There is a lot of technology that you can upgrade. Also when you complete research you will be able to get Seasonal currency. You will be able to spend this Seasonal Currency in the KVK shop. Problem is that you will not be able to unlock all of them if you are free to play or have a small spender. So you must be careful about what you will choose.

 My recommendation is that you upgrade Production of Crystals and Favor ( do not go max here it is not worth it if you are free to play or small spender). You can also go for Action point recovery but that is up to you. 

When it comes to war technology you want to focus on one special unit. Only a big spender will be able to unlock all but you will not. So if you are an infantry player then push only infantry technology. 

There is a great infographic that you can find here on Reddit so you can see it all in high resolution. 

How to get crystals in Heroic Anthem

Pre KVK event- You can get a lot of them if you are in top positions. Pre KVK is the same as Lost kingdoms and Light and Darkness KVK.

Crystal Mine Building- You will be able to build it as soon as you enter KVK. You want to upgrade it as much you can so you do not waste time. You will need a lot of crystals to research new technology. 

Premium Season Crystal Supply- It will cost the same as 30 days gem supply and bundle duration is the whole KVK. During 50 days of KVK you will receive 3m crystals.  

Super Value Bundle- This one is expensive and for big spenders but it will give you a lot of crystals. If you are a small spender this is probably not worth it. 

Small Bundles- They will appear when you upgrade your Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center on a certain level. They cost around 3-10$ and if you are a small spender you have to buy it. It will help you a lot at the start. 

Alliance resources- You know that you can receive resources from alliance production, now it will give you Crystals also. So the point is that you get in a top alliance that will have high production of crystals. 

Bastions- Every time you finish a quest you will receive Crystals. So you have to do it every day, not only for Crystals but for Commander skills and other rewards. 

Kahar’s- you can get Kahar’s Bone Whistle from doing quests from Bastions. You will be able to use it and you will summon Kahar. It is the same as when you summon Lohar. After you defeat Kahar you will receive nice rewards and one of the rewards is Crystals. Basic is 30k crystals but there is a technology that you can upgrade so you can receive more. 

Barbarians and Forts

Heroic Anthem KVK Barbarians and forts

Barbarians- Barbarians in Heroic Anthem are so strong so be careful. If you are a small player they will destroy you. To attack them with one march it will cost you 100 action points. I killed 100+ of them and I can tell you that the drop rate of gems is so bad. Barbarians will also give you honor levels.

The best thing that you can do if you are a small power player is to group up with other players. It will be faster and more efficient in terms of costs to heal troops. There is also technology that will increase damage to barbarians by a lot. Now is it worth it to research it is all up to you. One sad thing is that you can’t chain pull barbarians with AOO commanders. 

Forts- now you will have forts LVL 11 and wit time there will be forts 14+. To join or start rally on fort you will need to have 300 action points. So if you are smaller player do not create rally or you will be destroyed. it is better to wait for higher level forts because they will give you a lot of more honor points. 

Coalition System

Heroic Anthem KVK Coalition

Join Coalition- Coalitions are created by alliance leaders. Alliance must be from the same camp to join the coalition. At start 2 alliances will be able to join the coalition. With time you will be able to have more alliances in the coalition system. Basically you will have a big alliance with 500+ players. 

Coalition Features- If you are in coalition with other alliances you will be able to help, repair buildings, join the rally, etc. Basically, you will be able to do everything without joining another alliance.  

Teleport- After Past Glory, you will be able to teleport on any territory that is from your coalition. 

Rewards sharing- now you do not have to join other alliances to receive a reward. All coalition members will receive the same rewards. 

Boost– All alliances in the coalition will share effects from holy sites, passes, etc. 

Building Occupation- all coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars and ruins.

Hall of Heroes

Heroic Anthem KVK Hall of Heroes

Now this is epic. This is great for players especially free to play. 50% of troops that you have lost in KVK will be returned to you via mail at the end of KVK. This is great because it will create more fighting and action. Also this is a great for free to play players who must be careful with troops.

War and Peace Event

This event starts after you enter in KVK and you will be able to Trade your building speedups for training speedups. You can trade 200 of each type of speedup. 

Rewards System and Shop

There are 2 different currencies in Heroic Anthem that you can use to buy legendary gear, legendary city skins, legendary material and much more. 

Seasonal currency- They are earned by completing research in a crystal research center. The problem with Seasonal Currency is that if you do not have speedups for boosting research you will not be able to get a lot of Seasonal Currency. It is the only way to obtain them. That is why it is important to plan everything. 

Conquest Coins- you can get them by completing Crusader Achievements. 

Note- If you do not spend all your coins they will be saved and you can use them in the next kvk. 

Legendary gear- you have to be careful with this one. You want to choose legendary gear that you can craft but I would not recommend you choose weapons that cost 2 Conquest Coins because they are too expensive to craft. You will need 15 legendary materials to craft them and it is not worth it. Big pay to win players will have a hard time crafting that gear. 

City skin- Now you can choose what legendary city skin you want to choose. You are not limited to only one city skin which is great especially for free to players who are focusing on one main type of troops. 

Heroic Anthem Rewards- There are a lot of rewards that you can obtain in Heroic Anthem so you have to be active. You can see a list of all rewards that you can get in this Reddit post. 

  • Individual Rewards –This one will be hard to get the top position. Simply because pay to win players will have a lot of action points to boost honor and on top of that they will have technology that will increase their action points recovery. But give your best to get a high placing. 
  • Coalition Rewards- Rewards are ok and top 20 coalitions will receive them. So join the Top Coalition in your kingdom. 
  • Camp- Camp rewards are so bad. So do not care about this. Care about getting achievements done. That is a place where great rewards are.
  • Crusader Achievements- There are a lot of them but it is a place where great rewards are. You Have Individual, Camp and Coalition achievements. So try to do all of them.
  • Lost Kingdom Chronicles-Well, rewards are ok. Just make sure that you read what the current Chronicle is so you can do tasks. 

Map- Camp System

Heroic Anthem Map

There are 4 camps and each camp will have a different number of kingdoms. That means that one camp can have 2 kingdoms and the other camps can have 4 kingdoms. We think that Lilith is calculating the number of active players so each camp can have the same number of players with similar power. Like in every kingdom vs kingdoms  you will have a center where you want to take control. 

My take on New Heroic Anthem KVK

New Heroic Anthem KVK is best KVK that we had so far. Now you can think that this is a full play to win event like Mightiest Governor Event but it is not . Rise Of Kingdoms is team game and you must work as one unit to win KVK. Yes there will be whale who will unlock all skill and have legendary gear but you will have also. They will lead defense and attack and if you are small or free to play player you will support them with troops, resources etc. People still do not understand that whales can not win KVK alone. Because it is a team game in my opinion there is a balance between pay to win and free to play. me personally, i love when there are stronger players than me. It gives me a challenge to push harder and play smarter. PS I am not sponsored by Lilith.

Reddit Link With all rewards and technology. 

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