March Of The Ages Guide ROK

March Of The Ages Guide ROK

March Of the Ages is a new version of KVK. The KVK shop is the same but if this changes I will update it. This is all information that is currently available. I will upgrade this guide as soon as March Of the Ages starts. I am playing at Kingdom 1002 that is registered for March Of the Ages. 

March Of The Ages Main Stuff


While clearing fog, scouts may come upon bastions. A commander and their troops are stationed at each garrison. This season, there are a total of 13 commanders waiting for governors to discover them.


Complete quests from Bastion commanders to gain Favor with them, along with an increase in Crystal Mine work speed.

Teleport LimitsTeleport Limits

Governors will need to build and consume Foundation Stones to teleport rather than through teleportation items on the “March of the Ages” map.

Foundation StoneFoundation Stone

Governors can build Foundation Stones near Ancient Pagodas under coalition control, allowing city teleportation to its location once completed.

Ancient Pagodas Ancient Pagodas

Governors can attack Ancient Pagodas once adjacent to coalition territory. Pagodas grant a boost to cities within near enough a certain radius.

Forward Camp Forward Camp

Governors can build Forward Camps in coalition territory an garrison a certain number of troops there to help out in times of battle. Forward Camps play a large strategic role on the “March of the Ages” map.

Marching Orders Marching Orders

Marching orders can dispatch troops to a Forward Camp. Marching Orders accumulate over time and cannot be sped up.

Supply Radius Bastion

The Supply Radius is an area centered around a Governor’s city or Forward Camps for garrisoned troops. Governors should try to limit their engagements to within the Supply Radius as much as possible to ensure troops can continue to deal full damage.

Derelict Pass Derelict Pass

Derelict Passes, which cannot be attacked or traversed, are scattered around the Lost Kingdom. Governors will need to find creative and strategic ways around wherever they appear.

Special Content

Crystal MinesCrystal Mines

After the story has begun, Governors can build a new structure in their cities: crystal mines.

Working the Mines Working the Mines

You can ‘Work’ in the crystal mines to get crystals. Working the mines costs food, wood, stone, and gold.

Upgrade Upgrade

Upgrading the crystal mine will increase the maximum amount of work which can be ordered. At the same time, completing quests given by commanders will increase the work speed.

Crystals Crystals

The crystals which can be mined here are a precious resource. Governors can use them to open up a whole new frontier of research. You can get crystals from: bastion quests, crystal mines, the “War of Conquest” event, Lvl 41 or higher barbarians, Kahar the Hidden, Lvl 11 or higher barbarian forts, the Premium Season Crystal Supply, and certain bundles.

Resource Protection Resource Protection

During the story, crystals cannot be plundered by attackers or sent as aid.

Reset Reset

Crystals will be removed once the season is over. Crystal mines, the crystal research center, and any the effects of any research completed therein will be reset and removed.

Coalition System

Boosts Boosts

All coalition members will receive boost effects from holy sites and passes, and passes will be open to all member alliances.

Join Coalition Join Coalition

Governors can join a coalition along with their alliance (coalitions are created by alliance leaders). Alliances must be of the same camp to join the same coalition.

Coalition Features Coalition Features

Governors in the same coalition can join each others’ rallies and garrisons, reinforce and repair each others’ buildings, grant alliance help, etc.

Reward Sharing Reward Sharing

All coalition members will receive first occupation rewards for holy sites and passes.

Building Occupation Building Occupation

All coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars of darkness and ancient ruins.

Rewards System

Season Coins Season Coins

Complete research projects in the crystal research center to earn season coins.

Conquest Coins Bastion

Complete Crusader Achievements in the Lost Kingdom to earn Conquest Coins.

Saved Coins Bastion

Unused season coins and conquest coins will automatically be saved for next season.

Camp System

Camp System
Camp System

Fire CampFire Camp

Warriors, honoring their ancestors’ covenant, answer the king’s call. Gathering at the flame altar, they swear allegiance to the ancestors and the flame. They shall be a raging, inextinguishable fire.

Earth Camp Earth Camp

Pious warriors rallied to their kings at the earth altar, kissing the sacred land in an oath to restore their ancestors’ honor. Their knowledge of the land allows them to march effortlessly.

Wind Camp Wind Camp

Kings lead their warriors toward the sanctum in the eye of the storm. Only those who pass the trials of the winds are worthy allies. For those that do, the blessings of the wind are well worth it.

Water Camp Water Camp

On the orders of their kings, the warriors gathered at the surge altar. Dreaming of huge waves each night, they are as relentless and unending as the sea itself.

Camp Greenwood Camp Greenwood

Resolute kings and warriors have come to the Sanctum of Hope in order to collect the leaves from the surrounding area. Their long-lasting evergreen freshness brings hope of survival to those who gaze upon them, a reminder to look forward to a time of peace.

Camp Daybreak Camp Daybreak

Kings and warriors preparing for a long campaign will often first journey to the Shrine of Radiance. After several days spent in prayer, the dawn will finally rise on the day to set forth, shrouding them in bright light, an omen of glorious victories to come.

Camp Midnight Camp Midnight

On the eve of expeditions, kings and warriors have come to the Sanctum of Courage. Here, the warriors learn to no longer fear the darkness, but to adapt to it. In the name of the shadow, the dark night will be their silent ally.

Camp Thunderbolt Camp Thunderbolt

Kings and warriors test their weapons at the Storm Altar. Having passed through thunder and lightning, their weapons and spirits will be mighty and unbreakable.

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