Cheok Jun-Gyeong Talent Tree and Guide

Cheok Jun-Gyeong is a Legendary infantry commander that came with an update March of the Ages. Cheok Jun-Gyeong is a great commander to have, especially if you focus on infantry commanders. The great thing about this commander is that you can use him for field fighting and rallying. 



  • Great rally commander for infantry players 
  • Great counter against cavalry units
  • A lot of skill taking reduction  
  • A lot of bonus attack stats
  • Great nuke damage 
  • Great commander for field fights

Cheok Jun-Gyeong is a commander that you will see all the time. In our opinion, every infantry player should get this commander. Cheok Jun-Gyeong with his skills and talent tree can be used for rallying and field fighting and there are so many infantry commanders that can do that. 

Also, Cheok Jun-Gyeong has great potential to be a commander that players will use in AOO and KVK a lot. 

He is a new Commander and needs more testing. We will update the guide when we do testing.

Cheok Jun-Gyeong Talent Tree

Talent tree build for Cheok Jun-Gyeong is coming soon and it will be added after testing 

Cheok Jun-Gyeong Skills


Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 1700) to the target. If the target has less than 30% of units remaining, deal additional damage (Damage Factor 300).

This skill is great. You will have 2000 damage factors on active skill. Great nuking damage especially if you are rallying something with Infantry

Line Breaker Line Breaker

Passive Skill
Infantry units led by this commander gain 40% increased attack, deal 5% increased damage to cavalry, but take 5% increased damage from archers.

Your infantry troops will gain an insane 40% of bonus attack. That is why it is important to use only infantry troops if you are planning to get this bonus. Also, you will do increased damage to cavalry units and most of the players are using them which is great. 


Passive Skill
While on the map, when troops led by this commander take skill damage, they have a 20% chance to reduce that damage by 50%. This effect can trigger at most once every 4 seconds.

This skill is great. When you are on the map if you are attacked by skill damage there is a 40% chance to block 50% of that skill damage. This is great against commanders that have huge nuking damage like YSS and G.Khan. 


When troops led by this commander are attacked and only contain infantry units, they have a 100% chance of gaining a stack. Each stack increases skill damage by 5% and lasts for 8 seconds, with the maximum number of stacks being 12. This effect can trigger at most once every 4 seconds.

Well to be honest this skill is insane especially if you are rallying with this commander. You can get up to 40% more skill damage and we all know that the KVK and AOO rally is taking longer. You will see a lot of people using Cheok Jun-Gyeong as a rallying commander. 

Vow To The Death

New Passive Skill

While on the map, when troops led by this commander take skill damage, they have a 20% chance to reduce that damage by 50% and deal damage (Damage Factor = Number of Stacks x50) up to 3 targets in a fan-shaped area. This effect can trigger at most once every 3 seconds As the target force increases, the damage taken by each target force will be reduced by 15%

This skill could be better but it is ok. it will enchant the third skill. 

Cheok Jun-Gyeong Pairings

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Cheok Jun-Gyeong is a commander that must be paid with infantry commanders, especially infantry commanders that can do nuking damage. Cheok Jun-Gyeong alone has a lot of survivability and blocks a lot of nuking damage so there is no point in pairing him with commanders like Martel, Richard, and Constantine. 

Alexander Alex

Alex is a fine pair for field fighting. Together they will have a nice amount of infantry stats and survivability especially if you are getting swarmed. But this pair is not good for rallying. 

Guan-Yu Guan Yu 

This is a pair that will dominate. Guan Yu alone has a 2000 damage factor and when you add damage from Cheok Jun-Gyeong you will have 4000 nuking damage and on top of that Guan will silence the target. Also Guan you increase march 

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu 

Well, this pair is if you do not have any other nuking infantry commander available. They will do nice damage together. 

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