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Julius Caesar is a legendary leadership commander in Rise of Kingdoms with the Leadership, Siege, and Attack talent tree. Julius Caesar is still one of the great legendary commanders for new players in Rise of Kingdoms and with the right talent tree build is used for attacking cities but he is a great tank too. He can be obtained with golden chests so do not use universal sculptures on him.

Julius Caesar Guide

Julius Caesar is one of the top legendary Commanders in the game of Rise of Kingdoms. The best thing about this commander is that he can control any unit and bring in more troops for Open-Field battles. He is also perfect for attacking other governor’s cities in the game.

Above all, having him with you can enable you to garner lots of bonuses for his troops due to his offensive and defensive skills. All you need is 10 Julius Caesar sculptures, and this can be obtained throughout the playing events, the VIP shops, and the golden chests.

He is a great commander when he leads his army into the Open-Field attacks and can carry it out solo or as the rally leader. He can also carry out attacks on enemy troops with a mixed army, which is pretty good enough. His talent trees are similar to Hannibal Barca, and his builds are almost the same. Some players may think of making him pair with Hannibal, which can be advantageous to use both their skills to the maximum.

But all skills may not be good for Julius Caesar, and the reason why you need to invest carefully and strategically in sculptors to make him prove his real worth in front of the rival enemies. Another strong point of Caesar is that any type of troop is pretty good for him and useful, and thereby you earn your bonuses without any problems. 

Julius Caesar Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Julius Caesar Flag Rally Talent Tree
Julius Caesar Rally Talent Tree Build
Main Talents Talent Points
Fresh Recruits 3/3
Healing Herbs3/3
Steely soul3/3
Hidden Wrath3/3
Armored To The Teeth3/3
Armed To The Teeth3/3
Close Formation4/4
Strategic Prowess4/4
Name Of The King5/5
Lord of War 3/3
Burning Blood3/3
Unyielding 3/3
Effortless 3/3
Defense: 4%
Health: 2.5%
March Speed18%
Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Julius Caesar Field Fight Talent Tree Build
Julius Caesar PVP Talent Tree Build
Main Talents Talent Points
Fresh Recruits 3/3
Healing Herbs3/3
Steely soul2/3
Hidden Wrath3/3
Armored To The Teeth3/3
Armed To The Teeth3/3
Strategic Prowess4/4
Buckler Shield 3/3
Lord of War3/3
Burning Blood3/3
Unyielding 3/3
Armored Joints 3/3
Martial Mastery3/3
Effortless 3/3
Defense: 4.5%
Health: 1.5%
March Speed18%

It is recommended to use Julius Caesar in the Rally Build to bring out his powers to the maximum. You may use the first Caesar talent tree points to the Attack Tree and unlock the ‘Lord of War’ and ‘Burning Blood.’ After that to ‘Effortless’ and next is to head to ‘Leadership Tree’ wherein you go to the right side and unlock the ‘Strategic Prowess.’ 

Your next goal in the Rally Build would be to aim for Fresh Recruits for a larger troop and then quickly make a move to gain ‘Armored To The Teeth’ and ‘Armed To The Teeth’ talents. It is perhaps the best Build for Julius Caesar and can give you a solid fighting power to rally stuff. 

The other talent builder for Julius Caesar is with ROK Talent Builder. You need to go first to the Conquering Tree and get ‘Buckler Shield’ and ‘Moment of Triumph,’ and then next you go to Entrenched for hiring garrisons. The next step is to get ‘Signal Flare’ and ‘Marionette’ to unlock ‘Meteor Shower’ over ‘Tear of Blessing.’ Remember, all these can be achieved by spending your extra points, but take precautions as you needn’t pay more. You can always spend your different points on other trees rather than the same tree. 

If you are aiming for ‘Strategic Prowess’ in the Leadership Tree, you can get later on swap to get Effortless when hitting the cities solo. Hence, go to the ‘Attack Tree’ and unlock ‘Hidden Wrath’ for extra rage and ‘Healing Herbs’ to ‘Strategic Prowess.’ 

The other Build is the attack Talents build, and for this, you need to go to Attack Tree and then get to Effortless first in a similar way as above. The next step in caesar talent tree would be to get ‘Armored Joints’ and ‘Unyielding’ to get to the ‘Last Stand’ to max out ‘Attack Tree.’ 

After this, you need to go to ‘Leadership Tree’ to unlock Healing Herbs and Hidden Wrath to gain extra speed. After this, you unlock the ‘Strategic Prowess’ and ‘Fresh Recruits.’ 

If you wish to take some other ways, you may also find ‘Fight to the Death’ or ‘Martial Mastery’ in the Attack Tree, where you can find other alternative Builds. However, there are various possibilities for Julius Caesar Talent Build, and you can easily find out when you have taken to focus to great lengths on the game. 

Some expert players think that the Conquering caesar talent tree is the right way to go for Caesar Build, yet it may improve his city, although it may not, on the whole, improve his ability as a Commander. These expert players feel that focusing on building his Leadership and Attack Talent Trees is the best way forward as it will be unlocking the talent trees that provide him the best stat increase and buffs. 

Hence, in the above case, you need to work your way up to Strategic Prowess, Armed to the Teeth, and Armored to the Teeth. It will increase your marching defense rating greatly. Hidden Wrath improves Caesar’s rage restoration, and also it further increases his maximum troop capacity by 3%.

Your next step is to move to the Attack Talent Tree and unlock ‘Effortless’ and ‘Martial Mastery.’ You will find that you have unlocked the most essential of Julius Caesar’s Talent Tree Build. It helps you to increase your march’s attack rating superbly. Armored Joints also increase the march’s defense rating. Again, Burning Blood increases Caesar’s rage restoration. 

You then spend the remaining caesar talent tree points to unlock ‘Close Formation.’ You will note that this shoots up his attack talent by 12% when you find his troop strength reduced to half. 

Hence, analyzing Caesar’s talent point you can make him a formidable primary commander with one of the above commanders to pair with him. He is great and would help you win if you make clever strategies. 

Julius Caesar Pairings

The problem with Julius Caesar is that you do not have a lot of Rise of Kingdoms pairing options. You can pair Julius Caesar with:

Boudica iconBoudica

It is noteworthy here that Julius Caesar has very few good pairing opportunities in the Rise of Kingdoms game. If you wish to pair him, then do with Boudica for early games as they do well. However, as your play progress to later stages, then you ought to avoid this pairing. 

Boudica is one of the most impressive epic commanders in the ROK game. She is best at both PVP and PVE and can inflict massive damage to opposing forces. Her presence can increase normal attack damage and heal her troops without you worrying on that front. She can be a good support to Julius Caesar as secondary commander in the early parts of the game. If you are using this pairing and you want to save some action points while farming barbarians you have to use the Boudica talent tree.

On the other hand, when pairing Julius Caesar with nukers on the battlefield, his passive skill greatly goes well with the nuker’s active skills and thus creating bonus damage. She also makes good rage and has healing power, a big plus point when paired. It is how you strategize him with a good pairing that determines the ultimate success on higher levels of the game.

Sun-tzu iconSun Tzu

Caesar can be a good pair with Sun Tzu as he can provide healing, rage, and buffs, while Caesar talent tree will add more bugs and reduce damage. It will also enable the troops to survive for a longer time in Open-Field. Sun Tzu in the game is also one of the best AOE nuking commanders, and his active skill can damage up to 5 targets. Therefore, you can pair him with Caesar as both would go along well on the battlefield and for more rage generation use Sun Tzu talent tree build.

Aethelflaed iconAethelflaed

Although Caesar goes well enough solo and any kind of troops are okay for him yet with Aethelflaed Commander, his pairing would be good if they both use different types of units. Aethelflaed’s active skill can reduce enemy attacks, defense, and health and can hit back, causing many counterattack damages. It would mean that by pairing both these commanders, you will feel that the enemy’s attack has been made almost non-functional. The combined forces of this pair can be a terror to enemy troops.

If you are still not decided on pairing after reading the above, you may consider Aethelflaed, who can pair with Caesar benefitting one another. But this is only when they are using different types of units. Aethelflaed has the active skill and is pretty great in reducing enemy attacks, defense, and health. She can also counter the enemy’s counterattack damages. This pairing can be formidable, wherein the enemy attack may look very feeble with Caesar talent tree.

Aethelflaed is a great crowd control commander and has great debuffs and slows down opponents considerably. She also works superbly with any of the ROK commanders, and yet with Caesar, the combination can work pretty great as she is free and has the Peacekeeping talent tree. She is better as a secondary because she is not tanky and can get her buffing done perfectly in Open Field. She may not be good in the early stages, but you can invest her in future games. 

Charles-Martel iconCharles Martel

Yet another good pairing for Julius Caesar for early games is Martel. The combination with Caesar can do damage in the normal way. Martel is famed for his defensive talents and is good both at Garrison and Open Field. He can protect any city, is a tremendous defensive force, is considered the best defender, and can pair with Caesar as he leads the troops in the Rally or Open Field attacks.

Martel can pair either as primary or secondary to Caesar, yet this may be good only in the early stages of the game as Martel is better off with pairing other great commanders. He is also ideal for long battles, although he doesn’t possess healing power, which can be a great disadvantage. If you decide to use this pair then use Martel’s talent tree.

Julius Caesar Skills

Julius Caesar Guide Rise Of Kingdoms Indomitable Army

Rage Requirement: 1000

Active Skill
For the next 5 seconds, increase troops’ attack and defense and increase all damage.

Upgrade Preview:
Attack/Defense Bonus: 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 20%
Damage Bonus: 10% / 14% / 18% / 24% / 30%

This is a skill that you would want to max out first. This skill gives 20% more defense and attack and also 30% more damage attack. These bonuses would help his army on the battlefield. 

Julius Caesar Guide Rise Of Kingdoms Divine Julius

Passive Skill
Reduces damage taken by Caesar’s troops. When Caesar’s army has been reduced to 60% or less of his units, he has a 10% chance to further reduce damage taken for the next 3 seconds whenever his troops are attacked. The effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Damage Taken Reduced By: 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Additional Damage Reduction: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

This skill increases the defense of Julius Caesar’s troops when their strength falls below 60%, however, it only has a 10% chance to reduce the damage taken by the troops for the next few seconds. This skill can be activated once every 5 seconds. This is a great passive skill that can reflect the damage taken from the enemy. At max level, this skill can increase the damage reduction by 40%.

Julius Caesar Guide Rise Of Kingdoms City Killer

Passive Skill
Caesar has a 10% chance to reduce enemy defense per turn when attacking other Governor’s cities. The effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Defense Reduction: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 30%

When Julius is attacking any governor’s city, his attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the cities defense. This skill lasts for 3 seconds. This is a must-have skill when attacking governor cities. At max level, it can reduce 30% of the enemy’s defenses.  

The Founders

Passive Skill
Increases maximum troops capacity.

Upgrade Preview:
Troop Capacity Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%

This is an awesome passive skill. This skill can bring more troops to the battlefield and it increases the total damage and defense of Julius’s troops.

Julius Caesar Guide Rise Of Kingdoms Ahead of His Time

Enchanced: Indomitable Army
Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 400) to the target, and, for the next 5 seconds, increases troops’ attack and defence by 20% and increases all damage by 30%.

This is an upgraded version of the Indomitable Army. The bonus effect of the skill is the same but it deals an additional 400 damage to the target. This deals a good amount of damage and it is also a nice bonus because it decreases the enemy’s troops in the battle. With this skill, Julius deals a damage of 400.


Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman politician and general who played a critic role in the events that led the rise of the Roman Empire. Caesar rose to become one of the most powerful politicians through a number of is accomplishments, notably his victories in the Gallic Wars. After assuming control of the government, Caesar began a program of social and governmental reforms, including the creation of the Julian Calendar. His populist and authoritarian reforms angered the elites, who began to conspire against him. On the Ides of March 44 BC, Caesar was assassinated by a group of rebellious senators led by Gaius Cassius Longinus, Marcus Junius Brutus, and Decimus Junius Brutus.

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