Powerful Guan Yu Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

GUAN YU is a new infantry commander that is exclusively available for kingdoms older than 240 days. You can get Guan Yu in a wheel of fortune. Guan Yu is a great commander for big field fights in Ark Of Osiris and KVK where he can do his AOE damage.

Guan Yu Guide

You want to upgrade Guan Yu on the max level because of his first skill Saint Of War. If you do not use him as a primary commander you will lose a lot of nukes.

His great commander for PVP filed fighting not so great when it comes to rallying and tanking.

Guan Yu is not so tanky like Richard and because of that avoid tanking with him, he must be behind lines like Sun Tzu so he can make a lot of AOE damage.

Guan Yu Talent Tree Build

Guan Yu’s Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Guan Yu’s Talent Tree Build

Guan Yu Pairings

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Alexander Alexander the Great

Alexander is a good choice for Guan Yu as Alexander provides Guan Yu what he lacks and that is defense. Alexander can generate a defense shield and that can protect Guan Yu. Also when Alexander generates a shield, some of the incoming attacks are reflected back to the enemy. The enemy also gets 30% damage for the next 4 seconds. They are a good combination of defense and offense. In this pairing, Alexander should be the secondary commander.

Leonidas Leonidas I

He is a good pair for Guan Yu as Leonidas I is a defense commander. He doesn’t provide a good defense as Alexander but he is able to give Guan Yu different bonuses. He can give 40% more damage on the battlefield. The speed of rage is increased by 15%. In this pairing, Leonidas I should be the secondary commander.

Guan Yu Skills

Saint of War

You would definitely want to max this skill first because of the huge amount of damage it deals with the enemy. When at max level, this skill deals direct damage of 2000 to the target but subsequent attack to a different target, the damage decreases by 15%. This is still a lot of damage.

The Slaying of Hua Xiong

This is a passive skill that increases the damage attack of Guan Yu when he is attacking a garrison. This skill also lets him get a small chance to decrease the enemy attack by 30%. This strengthens the attack of Guan Yu against the enemy’s garrison.

The Slaying of Hua Xiong

This is a great passive skill. This skill gives 15% more march speed and 30% more attack to his infantry units. Whenever he leaves the battlefield, Guan Yu’s troops get a healing factor of 1000. This is a great skill because this reduces the need to use medical resources and increases the lifespan of the troops.

Green Dragon Crescent Blade

This is a powerful passive skill as it grants huge bonus damage to the target. The chance of dealing bonus damage is huge (50%). This makes Guan Yu a deadly commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

Lone Rider

This skill works at its best when Guan Yu pairs with a Commander who can generate a shield. This increases his destructive abilities. This skill increases the mobility of Guan Yu on the battlefield. This skill increases the march speed of Guan Yu’s army.

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