Guan Yu Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a infantry commander that is exclusively available for kingdoms older than 240 days. You can get Guan Yu on a wheel of fortune. Guan Yu is a great commander for big field fights in Ark Of Osiris and KVK, where he can do his AOE damage.


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★★★★☆ Defending Cities

Guan Yu Guide

Guan Yu is a renowned commander in the rise of kingdoms because of his massive damage potential and the fact that he thrives in combat. His skills allow him to perform all the tasks that you would want in a commander. This includes damage, rage generation, silencing, healing, march speed, and skill damage. 

If you are considering investing in Guan Yu in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about some of the skills, builds, pairings, and pros and cons of using this commander. 

Is Guan Yu a worthwhile commander to invest in 2024?

The answer to this is yes! Right now is a perfect time to invest in Guan Yu mainly because the pairing of him and Leonidas, which I will talk about more later, is an absolute powerhouse! They are both infantry commanders and work very well together!

Furthermore, if you want to deal massive damage, Guan Yu is the commander for you. He has an enormous damage factor, which is one of the highest that a commander has in the entire game. He also has high attack damage, healing potential, and his skills can have his march speed increase by a lot. 

This commander will bring immense value to the game, even more so because of his strong pairings. He is perfect for on the field battle and has an extremely high amount of offensive ability.

So yes, Guan Yu one of best Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders and is a worthwhile investment in 2024!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Guan Yu’s strengths

Guan Yu’s primary strength is his ability to do a lot of damage. As a commander, he is one of the best in terms of dealing damage and has extremely strong offensive power. Furthermore, he even silences his enemies and has a healing factor. This makes him a well-rounded commander. 

Guan Yu’s weaknesses

Guan Yu’s expertise skill is not very useful, and neither is the second skill because it is difficult for the players to get value from this. The main drawback of using Guan Yu as a commander is that although he is an offensive powerhouse, he lacks the ability to defend himself. This is in terms of his lack of health and inability to withstand damage.

Guan Yu Talent Tree Build

Here, I will suggest a few builds with Guan Yu. These are tried and tested, so I believe they are the best ones to use. However, they are only suggestions and totally depend on each individual’s preference and experience of the game.

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Guan Yu’s Talent Tree Build

This is the top pick for a talent build for Guan Yu. For the skill tree part of it, you will get rejuvenate, which will generate additional rage, and also Heraldic Shield which will increase your skill damage by 3%. Moving onto the infantry tree, fleet of foot is a talent you would want to get because it is essential that you can increase the march speed. This is because infantry units are very slow, so talents in the infantry tree will try to make the speed of the army faster and make the speed of the enemy slower. 

Rally Build

This build would primarily be helpful for when you are using Guan Yu to rally against the enemy, which is not really recommended. But, if you decide to do so, the best build you can use is to max out the infantry tree without using any talents that contribute towards march speed. Then, it would be best if you got entrenched from the conquering tree, which increases damage taken and given by 3%. Then, from the skill tree, you should rejuvenate for extra rage generation and also get additional health.

Guan Yu Pairings

These are the two best pairings for Guan Yu, and if you are using Guan you as a commander, you should consider these pairings. However, these pairings are just suggestions, and you can always pair them with other characters that you have a good experience with. 

Alexander Alexander the Great

This is a good pairing, especially if you are in the initial stages of the game and have access to Alexander the Great. He, too, fires off shields which are perfect because then ‘Lone Rider,’ the expertise skill can be used. This pairing also does considerable damage and has a high rate of survival.  It does a lot of damage and healing. What he lacks in tankiness he makes up for in damage. They have high synergy and do a massive amount of damage together.

Leonidas Leonidas I

Leonidas I is the absolute best pairing for Guan Yu because of the massive damage these two commanders can have when paired. The skill damage will be boosted by 50, which means that not only will this generate even more rage, but it will also silence the enemy. Furthermore, this pairing will create the perfect timing to use Guan Yu’s expertise. 

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu

This, too, is a good pairing because they both are infantry commanders, so they will have a high synergy. Sun Tzu will provide what Guan Yu lacks in tankiness. Together they will have a high rage generation too. Although they will have a very low march speed since they are both infantry commanders, it is a good combination.  

Charles Martel Charles Martel

Charles Martel will help Guan Yu be able to use the expertise skill. This is a fair combination because together, they will have a high rage generation and tankiness. Guan Yu will be able to take advantage of Charles Martel’s tankiness. This is also a good pair because Charles Martel can provide the march speed that Guan Yu’s troops will lack while Guan Yu can make up for Charles Martel’s comparatively low damage factor. 

Harald Harald Sigurdsso

This is the last pairing I will be talking about. It is not the best pairing, but Harald Sigurdsson being a secondary to Guan Yu makes sense because it will bring some march speed into the picture. The reason this is not that good of a pairing is that it is risky in combat, and you can get easily defeated if you come against a strong opponent.

Guan Yu Skills

These are Guan Yu’s active, passive, and expertise skills. Since Guan Yu is an infantry commander, his skills try to emphasize his offensive power. Hence, he has high damage factors and attack damage. 

Saint of War

You would definitely want to max this skill first because of the huge amount of damage it deals with the enemy. When at max level, this skill deals direct damage of 2000 to the target but subsequent attack to a different target, the damage decreases by 15%. This is still a lot of damage.

The Slaying of Hua Xiong

This is a passive skill that increases the damage attack of Guan Yu when he is attacking a garrison. This skill also lets him get a small chance to decrease the enemy attack by 30%. This strengthens the attack of Guan Yu against the enemy’s garrison.

Battlefield Hua Xiong

This is a great passive skill. This skill gives 15% more march speed and 30% more attack to his infantry units. Whenever he leaves the battlefield, Guan Yu’s troops get a healing factor of 1000. This is a great skill because this reduces the need to use medical resources and increases the lifespan of the troops.

Green Dragon Crescent Blade

This is a powerful passive skill as it grants huge bonus damage to the target. The chance of dealing bonus damage is huge (50%). This makes Guan Yu a deadly commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

Lone Rider

This skill works at its best when Guan Yu pairs with a Commander who can generate a shield. This increases his destructive abilities. This skill increases the mobility of Guan Yu on the battlefield. This skill increases the march speed of Guan Yu’s army.

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