Powerful Guan Yu Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

GUAN YU is a new infantry commander that is exclusively available for kingdoms older than 240 days. You can get Guan Yu in a wheel of fortune. Guan Yu is a great commander for big field fights in AOO and KVK where he can do his AOO damage.

Guan Yu Guide

You want to upgrade Guan Yu on the max level because of his first skill Saint Of War. If you do not use him as a primary commander you will lose a lot of nukes.

His great commander for PVP filed fighting not so great when it comes to rallying and tanking.

Guan Yu is not so tanky like Richard and because of that avoid tanking with him, he must be behind lines like Sun Tzu so he can make a lot of AOE damage.

Guan Yu Talent Tree Build

Guan Yu’s Talent Tree Build

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides Guan Yu’s Talent Tree Build

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