Rise of Kingdoms Summer of Passion Event Guide


Summer of Passion is a event in Rise of Kingdoms where you will work with your alliance members to receive rewards. The duration of the Summer of Passion is 10 days. It contains Summer Night Memories, Summer Party, and Sea of Fireflies.

The overall event is not so bad. It would be perfect if you could get more free legendary commander sculptures. The new version of Summer of Passion is the Sumer Chapter Festival.

Sea Of Fireflies

To get chest points, you will need to add Fragrant Nectar or purchase small bottles with 100 gems. When your alliance reaches maximum chest points, all alliance members will have a chance to open a chest. 

Each player can open 10 chests during the event. If you have already opened the maximum number of chests, you will not earn any more chest points. Because it is an alliance event, you do not have to worry about completing it if your alliance is active. 

From the chest, you will receive random rewards from:

  • 150k food or wood 
  • 112k stone 
  • 200 gems 
  • 9h universal, 6h building, or 6h training
  • 500 action points 
  •  2 gold keys 
  • 3 golden stars. 

There is also a leaderboard inside your alliance where players with the most points will receive small additional rewards. 

You can get Fragrant Nectar in 3 ways: 

  • City Collection: When you collect resources inside your city, you have a chance to get Fragrant Nectar. To get the maximum amount, the best thing is to collect resources inside your city every 2 hours. Do not let it reach maximum production. 
  • From Barbarians: When you destroy barbarians, you will have a chance to receive Fragrant Nectar. Do not spend your action points; do this only if you are in KVK or if you have some other event like Lohar’s Trials that will benefit from destroying barbarians. 
  • Gathering: With gathering, you will receive a nice amount of boxes. Send gathering troops with a load of 130k. When they come back, you have a high chance of receiving Fragrant Nectar. When they are back, just repeat the process.
  • Race AgainstTime:– Also, you will be able to get Fragrant Nectar in race against time, but how much you will receive we will know in 2 days when the event comes.
  • Summer Party: Here, you will receive some extra nectar and bottles when you finish tasks. 
  • Bundle: There will be a bundle for this event, but it is not in the game for now.
  • Protect the Supplies: This is a new event where you will also receive a certain amount of nectar bowls and small bottles. It’s a great event, and you have to finish it. 

Summer night memories Rewards

Rise Of Kingdoms Summer night Memories

The cost of items is high, especially for city skin and legendary commander sculptures. If you are planning to get them all, you will have to spend gems or buy bundles that will contain Fragrant Nectar and Small Bottles.

City skin

  • Cavalry defense 5%
  • Archer Attack: 5% 
  • Cost: 200 Fragrant Nectar and 100 Small Bottles.
  •  It is not worth it to get this skin. If you do not have city skin with cavalry bonuses, then you can get this one.

Golden sculptures: Each sculpture costs 25 Fragrant Nectars and 10 bottles. You can get 30 of them. You will not be able to get all of them without spending gems or money. Is it worth getting them depending on you, and what is your goal? Do you want to invest gems in VIP, books of Covenant, Wheel of Fortune, etc.? 

Statue-well: it will not give you a bonus, but it will decorate your city. It costs 100 Fragrant Nectars. 

Dazzling Star: Each star costs 5 small bottles, and you can get 50 of them. Do not invest in this if you are not a big spender. 

Golden Key: each key costs 20 Fragrant Nectars, and you can get 20 of them. 

1h speedups: each speedup costs 1 small bottle. 

Get golden keys and 1-hour speedups if you have some extra small bottles and Fragrant Nectar left. 

Summer Party

Rise of Kingdoms Summer Party

The duration is 7 days, and you will do various tasks to receive rewards. Also in rewards, you will find a nice amount of Small Bottles and Fragrant nectar, but that will not be enough to buy all the items in Summer Night Memories.

After 7 days, you will open a box that will contain a certain amount of epic commander sculptures, 5-minute speedups, and LVL 3 tons of knowledge. The number of them depends on how many quests you finish.

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