Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.77 “Winter’s Tale” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.77 “Winter's Tale” Update

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.77 “Winter’s Tale” on 2023/12/12 UTC. Before the update, you can download data in advance via the Update Version tab on the events page to earn rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Our Christmas Event Series Is Here!

The glow of red and green lights and the sheen of white snow can only mean one thing: it’s going to be a holly jolly Christmas! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a slate of festive events:

  1. Christmas Party: Complete quests for special Christmas presents!
  2. Smithy Specials: Head to the Blacksmith for this limited-time deal! Purchase discounted equipment blueprint fragments, Legendary equipment materials, and more.
  3. Merry Cakemas: We’ve baked our Christmas cake, but we’re out of whipped cream! We’re counting on you, chef!
  4. Arms Training: Armsmaster Lohar is back, and he’s here to spread the holiday cheer with a good old-fashioned throwdown!
  5. Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  6. Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand-new city theme!
  7. Opening Ceremony: Sign in for 7 days to earn limited-time avatar frames from the Avatar Frame Design Content community event!

*See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. Some events will only be available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days.

Awaken Your Iconic Equipment to New Heights!

Except for the weapon Trial of the Lost Kingdom and gathering equipment, all Legendary equipment can be awakened into Iconic equipment. Iconic equipment is split into five upgradeable tiers.

*All Iconic effects already in the game will now be Iconic I tier.

The cost of awakening a piece of equipment and its Iconic effects depend on its level and type.

  • Awakening to Iconic I tier requires Iconic Crystals and Gold.
  • Subsequent Iconic tiers require equipment blueprints, equipment materials, and Gold.

After a piece of equipment is awakened to the next Iconic tier, it will inherit its previous refinement level and special talent. It will also gain a bonus to its attributes.

Equipment set effects will not be affected when awakening one of the constituent pieces to a new Iconic tier.

Your kingdom must be in Season 1 or later to access Iconic equipment and its related systems.

Transform Your City Themes With Transmog!

Using the transmog feature, you can change the appearance of a city theme to that of another city theme, while keeping its original attribute bonuses.

  • You can only transmog a city theme into a theme of the same quality level and unit type.
  • You can only transmog city themes you permanently own.
  • Transmogging requires special items, which can be acquired from a variety of events.

Get Inducted Into the Hall of Fame!

At the end of each Lost Kingdom, kingdoms that performed well will unlock the Go Down In History event. Through this event, the top governors in each kingdom will have a chance to be permanently inducted into their kingdom’s Hall of Fame.

The Go Down In History event will begin in your kingdom at the end of the Season if your kingdom meets the requirements:

  • Before reaching the Season of Conquest, your kingdom will only receive this event if it managed to capture the Great Ziggurat at any point during the Lost Kingdom.
  • After reaching the Season of Conquest, your kingdom will be ranked with the rest of your camp by the number of Autarch Testimonies received. If you rank in the top half, you will receive this event.

The number of governors your kingdom can induct into its Hall of Fame each Season depends on a few factors:

  • In the King of the Nile story, Hall of Fame seats will be based on which coalition occupied the Great Ziggurat at the end of the Lost Kingdom. Kingdoms from the same starting province as the coalition will receive 3 Hall of Fame seats each. Kingdoms in the same camp as the coalition but with different starting provinces will receive 1 Hall of Fame seat each.
  • In other stories, all kingdoms in the camp that controlled the Great Ziggurat at the end of the Lost Kingdom will each receive 3 Hall of Fame seats. All other participating kingdoms will receive 1 Hall of Fame seat each.

The Go Down In History event is split into 3 phases: the voting phase, speech phase, and announcement phase. Each phase lasts for 3 days.

  • After the event begins, all governors will receive a “candidate score” based on their total kills and deaths in the Lost Kingdom. The top 20 governors in your kingdom by candidate score will be added to the Hall of Fame candidate list.
  • During the voting phase, the top 300 governors in your kingdom by power will be able to cast votes for candidates. The candidates with the most votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • During the speech phase, inductees can submit a written speech, which will be added with them to the Hall of Fame. Once this period ends, they won’t be able to change their speech.
  • During the announcement phase, the inductees will be permanently added to the kingdom’s Hall of Fame.

*The Go Down In History event will only appear for Lost Kingdoms that began after December 11, 2023. View the event in-game to learn more.

King of the Nile Story Optimization

We’ve adjusted the effects of certain Seasonal Strategies:


  • Original: Reduces resource cost of healing units by 10%.
  • Adjusted: Reduces resource cost of healing units by 10%. You can save up to 700,000,000 resources this way per Season.

Medical Skills:

  • Original: Increases Hospital healing speed by 15%.
  • Adjusted: Increases Hospital healing speed by 15%. You can save up to 6,000 minutes of healing this way per Season.

Safe Return:

  • Original: Reduces the number of severely wounded units for your field troops by 8%. These units will instead be slightly wounded.
  • Adjusted: Reduces the number of severely wounded units for your field troops by 8%. These units will instead be slightly wounded. Severely wounded units can be reduced by up to 500,000 units. Does not affect the number of dead units.

Other Season of Conquest Improvements

Adjusted the rewards of the Season of Conquest Lucerne Scrolls event.

  • Adjusted certain level rewards.
  • Level 50 rewards: Legendary equipment blueprint fragments have been changed to Blueprint Choice Chests for specific equipment slots.

*These new rewards will be available in the Lucerne Scrolls volume that begins after the update.

Ceroli Crisis Improvements

  • Added a new enemy chieftain to challenge: Arlessia, the Harbinger of the Earthfather!
  • Optimized the event interface to highlight the enemy chieftain’s “key skills”.
  • 6 new chieftain skills have been added to Legend mode.

Barbarian Keep and Barbarian Camp Improvements

  • Added difficulty levels to Barbarian Keeps in the Lost Kingdom and added Animal Bones to the list of potential rewards.
  • Barbarian Keeps in the Lost Kingdom will now have “Keep resource centers”:
  • After defeating the Keep’s chieftain Ironhand Baulur, you will be able to occupy and gather from the Keep’s resource centers.
  • The higher the level of the Keep, the greater the output and resource reserves of its resource centers.
  • The new Barbarian Keep features will be gradually rolled out. Lost Kingdoms that begin after December 18 using the Heroic Anthem story will be the first to experience these updated Barbarian Keeps.
  • Added Animal Bones to the list of Barbarian Camp rewards, and increased the maximum kills per day.

PC Version Improvements

Added the ability to adjust your cursor. You can now change the size of your cursor and switch cursor icons.

Other Improvements

  1. Optimized the display rules for the event page’s sidebar.
  2. Improved visual effects for receiving a new commander in the Heart’s Desire event.
  3. Added an “Immigration Log” to the Lost Temple’s immigration management page .
  4. Alliance leaders and officers can now set a “per-troop” unit limit for an alliance building’s reinforcements.
  5. Optimized the alliance blocklist and passlist features: Added a mail notification for when a member is added or removed from the passlist. The time for a governor to be automatically removed from the blocklist has been changed to 180 days.
  6. The armament transmutation feature now requires secondary verification.
  7. Adjusted the authority of the Counselor alliance title. Counselors can now appoint, remove, and adjust other officer titles. Counselors can now manage their alliance’s passlist and blocklist.
  8. Added a download manager for extra in-game content. You can go to Settings – DLC to download additional content for the game.
  9. 4 new enemy skills have been added to the Legend mode of the Protect the Supplies, Arms Training, and Ian’s Ballads events.

P.S Please note that the Legendary-quality engineering weapon discussed in the earlier version of the patch notes will not be included in the upcoming 1.77 update. The decision regarding its inclusion has not been conclusively determined. Any future updates will be communicated through announcements.

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