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Alexander Nevsky




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Alexander Nevsky is a new legendary cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms with a cavalry, versatility, and skill talent tree. Every single player should seek out and max Alexander Nevsky.

He is currently one of ROK’s most powerful commanders. He’ll be fantastic in field battles and rallies. He also had a fantastic talent tree that allowed you to increase his rage generation and stats.

As soon as we get Alexander Nevsky and test him, we’ll add an in-depth guide, pairings, and talent tree.

Alexander Nevsky Skills

Hero of Peipus

Active Skill
Deals direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 2300) and reduces their defense by (15x number of enemies surrounding the target) % for the next 3 seconds. The number of surrounding enemies that can be factored intro this bonus damage calculation has an upper limit of 3.

Troop Defense Decreases (per stack): 5% /7% /9% /12%/ 15%
Direct Damage Factor: 1500/ 1700/ 1900/ 2100/ 2300

This skill is insane. It will deal 2300 damage, which is massive, and on top of that, your enemy’s defense will be reduced by 15%, and if three enemy troops are involved, the reduction will be 45 %, which is also insane.


Passive Skill
Cavalry units led by this commander gain 20% increased attack and 20% increased march speed. They also gain 20% increased health outside of alliance territory.

Cavalry Attack Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Cavalry March Speed: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Cavalry Health Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%

The amount of stats that this passive skill provides is insane. If you fight outside alliance territory, you will receive 60% stats in total.

Knight of Iron

Passive Skill
When troops led by this commander consist only of cavalry, skill damage is increased by 25%, skill damage is increased by an extra 25% for 4 seconds upon casting an active skill. This effect can be trigger at most one every 5 seconds.

Skill Damage Bonus: 5% 10/% 15/% 20/% 25/%
Triggered Skill Damage Bonus: 15% 20/% 25/% 30/% 35/%

If you only use cavalry units with Alexander Nevsky, your skill damage will be increased by 25%, and when he uses active skill, you will receive an additional 35% skill damage.

Guardian of the Republic

Cavalry units lead by this commander gain 20% increased defense. Troops lead by this commander deal 10% increased damage, and take 5% reduced damage from surrounded targets.

Cavalry Defense Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Damage Bonus: 2% 4/% 6/% 8/% 10/%
Damage Taken Reduced By 1% 2/% 3/% 4/% 5/%

This skill is also excellent, and it will help Alexander Nevsky survive. Excellent for open fields and rallying.

Winter’s Storm

New Skill
Troops led by this deal 5% increased normal attack damage, and gain a 10% chance to increase the health of the cavalry units by 30% for 3 seconds when attacked. This effect can be triggered at most once every 5 seconds.

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