Top Legendary Commander Mistakes in Rise of Kingdoms


Some mistakes are more comfortable to fix than others. I’ve learned this the hard way after two years of ROK. In this guide, we’ll go through the most common and brutal mistakes you can make with legendary commanders.

Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Believe me or not, I even see experienced players make these every single day from selecting the wrong commander and having a lack of focus, all the way to using universals on gold key commanders or starring legendaries too soon.

There’s no need to worry, as long as you remember everything I’ve written here and had it in the back of your mind when playing ROK. Let’s dive straight into it.

Mistake #6: Wrong Commander

One of the silliest mistakes you can make is to pick a commander that makes no sense for your account. As you play the game, you’re going to be teased to select different commanders. At first, you might think, “Holy Cow, I’ve got Julius Caesar” and decide to go all-in with investing in this commander, only to find out his best attribute is to swarm the cities. Depending on your objective, you could have chosen a much better commander than Caesar. So before you select your commander, do some research and see which commander suits your purposes and gameplay.

You can read more about it in our Commander Tier Lists and Commander Pairings guide.

Mistake #5: Lack of Focus

Focus, focus, focus. Let’s bring focus in relation to our mistake #6. Let’s say you(re looking into which commander you’re going to invest in. Most of the players are going to base this decision on the amount of sculpture they have. Just because you’ve got a few individual commanders’ sculptures doesn’t mean: “That’s a commander for me.” You need to be patient

with your legendary commanders. First, have one or two that you’re very interested in and then focus on those. 

Lack of focus is widespread for people that have a tendency to put a few sculptures in one commander and a few sculptures in another commander. If you were to follow my advice, you would have instead gone “all in” on a single commander. This is way better

Mistake #4: Five Starring Legendaries

My mistake number four on this list is spreading the gold stars across multiple commanders and going too wide, similarly to spreading your sculptures around too much. And this only became relevant not so long ago. In the good old days, there was a very low number of new commanders as they were coming out every three to four months. 

When it comes to starring commanders, there’s no value to a five star commander. You should either be four stars and just try to unlock the skills. Don’t take a legendary commander to five stars and then stop you either go to six or you stay at four but this in-between state really doesn’t do much for you. Either you’re gonna have that full March where you get all the extra talent points for all the extra stars or you’re gonna use them as a secondary commander. And if you’re using them as a secondary commander all that matters is unlocking their skills.

Mistake #3: Experting Wheel Commanders Too Soon

This one is mostly oriented towards spenders, but I’ve also seen “free to play” players making the same mistake. Picture this, there’s a commander you really really wanted for a long time. You’ve completed your research, decided you want that commander and have been saving up their sculptures. One day, the commander shows up in the wheel of fortune. And what do you do? You use every single Universal you have to expertise the commander on the first Wheel of Fortune that the commander showed up.

Now here’s the problem. You’re playing a value oriented game which especially free-to-play and low spenders should be doing you should wait to expertise a wheel commander. You need to wait until you have had all the wheels of glorious value before you start applying your universal legendary commander sculptures. Otherwise, you’re losing an opportunity to have gotten a lot of value by spinning a small number of times on the wheel. Even if it’s just five or ten sculptures you would have got four value that seems a really worthwhile to me,

Mistake #2: Using Universals on Gold Key Commanders

Mistake number two, comes down to using your universal legendary commander sculptor’s on gold key commanders way too soon. These are commanders like Charles Martel, Julius Caesar and Freddie, El Cid…

These are commanders that come from gold keys and you get lots of gold keys for free in the rise of kingdoms so you go in you expertise one of these commanders well guess what every single sculpture you get out that point is 100% wasted.

Now look you do get value using that commander immediately for fighting in the field for barbarians or whatever you’re doing with them right so you do get immediate value after you’ve expertise them. Assuming you are in Kingdom versus Kingdom or war or whatever but after that, every single legendary commander sculpture is 100% wasted. 

So please wait until you’re close to expertise in commanders from gold keys before you start using your universals on them.That way you get a lot more value and is a free to play

player or a low spender you really want to be using your universals on commanders you can’t get for free in other places like Esau or Richard the 1st or Alexander the Great.

Those are much better places for your Universal legendary commander sculptures.

Mistake #1: Starring Legendary Commanders Too Soon

And the number one legendary mistake on our list is starring legendaries too soon. 

If you start up a commander too soon you unlock skills and then your skills are randomly assigned. Now you frequently want to control the order in which you invest in skills because some are better than others and you can’t pick which one the skill up is going to be applied to it supplied randomly to all available skills.

So what most players try to do is they’ll leave a commander at one star until they max the first skill when they’re ready they take the commander to two stars they max the second skill. When they’re ready they take the commander to four stars and then hope that everything lands on the fourth skill.

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