Best Alexander Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Alexander the Great is one of the best infantry commander in the Rise of Kingdoms. He will bring an insane amount of damage and defense to infantry troops while supporting other troops with damage absorbing shield. Alexander is a commander that you must have.


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Alexander The Great Guide

Alexander the Great is one of the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. The amount of damage and defense that he will bring to infantry units is insane.

Now Alexander the Great is not only a strong fighting commander but he is also a supporting commander. His main skill will give an absorbing shield to the nearby unit and with expertise, he will increase damage to 3 nearby targets by 30%.

Alexander the Great is a great commander for filed fights and rally. He is a great counter to cavalry unit with his absorbing shield to protect him from nuke, bonus march speed so he can escape or hunt cavalry and on top of that insane amount of damage that he can do.

Because Alexander the Great is so tanky do not be scare to go hard with him. If you pair him with commanders like Richard and Charles you will have an unkillable damage machine.

Alexander The Great Pairings

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You can pair Alex with any infantry commander if you do not have Richard or Martel. Anywhere you put Alex he will bring damage.

very nice combo for killing cavalry units. They together will have a crazy amount of stats and Martel will provide counter damage. With this duo, you will have the quickest infantry units in Rise of Kingdoms.