Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.71 “Ode to Greece” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.71 Ode to Greece Update

In the upcoming version 1.0.71 “Ode to Greece” for Rise of Kingdoms you will find: New Civilization Greece, new story Storm of Stratagems, Armament System Optimization and some other important changes. Rise Of Kingdoms will be updated to version 1.0.71 “Ode to Greece” on UTC 2023/07/11. 

New Civilization: Greece!

The winds of freedom began from the scattered city-states of the Aegean, and their legendary epics are still retold to this day. Governors near and far, listen to the crash of the eternal waves and accept the blessings of Olympus. Shape your future and write your epic!

After the update, you can change your civilization to Greece to experience its new civilization features, building architecture, and special units. A Greek-style animated loading screen will also be released together with the update. You can switch to the new loading screen via the Settings page at any time.

Take part in the Greece event series for a chance to win amazing rewards:

  • Paean of Olympus: Complete 7 days of quests for great rewards!
  • Hellenic Epic: Chisel out and paint an epic tale!
  • Aegean Blooms: Enjoy Grecian beauty and redeem limited-time rewards!
  • Protect the Supplies: Escort supply caravans for fantastic rewards! -Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  • Sign-In Spoils: Sign in for 7 days to claim the Sculptures of a new Greek commander!
  • Tempest Clash: Choose your warship and battle it out on the high seas!
  • Alliance Quiz: Participate in a quiz with your allies!
  • Music & Muses: Show the community your creativity!
  • Treasures of Pyrrhus: Collect Pyrrhic Staters and claim Pyrrhus Sculptures!
  • See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. Some events will only be available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days. Event rewards may vary depending on your kingdom’s season.

You can acquire the new epic commander Pericles and legendary commander Pyrrhus in the Greece event series.

After the Greece event series end, the two commanders will be gradually added to the following features and events:

  • Pericles: Can be acquired through Silver Chests, Golden Chests, and the Expedition Shop.
  • Pyrrhus: Can be acquired through Golden Chests, the Expedition Shop, Daily Special Offers, and Card King (Daily Special Offers and Card King will be available starting on day 43 of your kingdom’s Preparation Season).
  • Pyrrhus’ Museum Relics will be available after a certain time.

New Season of Conquest Story “Storm of Stratagems” Pioneer Event Coming Soon

Step foot on a distant continent, where rising plumes of smoke herald a battle to come. We have worked tirelessly to expand our territory, but in doing so have planted the seeds of war deep in this land. Amidst a storm of conflict and calumny, we have learned to be flexible in our tactics, make new allies, and repel our enemies. On this new battlefield, who will emerge as the victor?

1) Team System: All registered kingdoms will be divided into S, A, B, C, or D-class based on their power. Kingdoms can form teams based on their classes. After teams have been formed, 6 teams with similar power will be matched to the same Lost Kingdom, with each team belonging to one of the 6 camps.

2) Stratagem System: In this story, you can equip a variety of “Stratagems,” which provide permanent buffs for you and your troops. You can select from a number of different “Stratagem Folios”, each of which have a different combination of Stratagem slots. Stratagems must be equipped to a slot that matches their type.

3) Counter Rallies: Whenever your coalition is targeted by an enemy rallied army, you can launch a “counter rally” against their rallied army. A counter rallied army will immediately set out once it has reached its troop capacity and all participating troops have arrived.

4) Alliance Arrow Towers: In this story, you will be able to turn your Alliance Flags into “Alliance Arrow Towers”. Arrow Towers will automatically attack non-allied cities within range, reducing their Wall Durability. They will not inflict any casualties on the troops garrisoned in the city.

Armament System Optimization

New Armament Transmutation Function:

  • You can “transmute” Inscribed Legendary armaments to randomize their attributes.
  • When transmuting an armament, you can choose to lock one or two of its attributes. Locked attributes will not be randomized. After transmuting, you may choose to revert back to the old attributes or keep the new attributes.
  • Transmutation requires Transmutation Stones. The number of attributes you’ve locked will affect the number of Transmutation Stones needed. You can acquire Transmutation Stones through the Armament Shop and events.
  • Each armament can only be transmuted up to 10 times.

How to Get New Armaments:

  • Lucerne Scrolls: For kingdoms in Season 2 to the Season of Conquest, Formation Choice Chests and Random Armament Chests will be added to the rewards of the Lucerne Scrolls event (available after the update).
  • Silk Road: For kingdoms in Season 2 to the Season of Conquest, Random Armament Chests will be added to the rewards of the Silk Road event (available after the update).
  • Civilization Event Series: For kingdoms in Season 2 to the Season of Conquest, Random Armament Chests will be added to the rewards of events added after the update.
  • Lost Kingdom Event Series: For kingdoms in Season 2 to the Season of Conquest, Formation Choice Chests will be added to the rewards of Lost Kingdom events added after the update.

New Armament Loadout Feature: You can save your armament setup for a commander as a “loadout”, allowing you to quickly load different armament setups.

“Golden Kingdom” Event Optimizations

  1. Adjusted the structure of Blessings: Added 22 new “Core Blessings”, categorized as Normal Attack, AoE Skill, and Single-Target Skill Blessings. Added 14 new Universal Blessings and deleted 11 existing Blessings.
  2. Adjusted the strength of some existing Blessings.
  3. Increased the probability of Healer Huts appearing and enhanced their healing effects. Added an option to Healer Huts that allows you to draw an additional Blessing instead of receiving healing.
  4. Added an option to Altars of Karuak that allows you to heal a surviving troop instead of reviving a defeated troop.
  5. Added post-battle stats. You can check the combat attributes of all troops, as well as the number of times certain Blessings were triggered and their effects.
  6. Added a chat system. You can chat with other players in the Golden Kingdom event.

The above content will be available in some kingdoms before others.

Improvements to Season of Conquest

Siege of Orléans Story Optimization: Rebalanced the difficulty of the last Siege of Orléans Campaign.

Warriors Unbound Story Optimizations:

  • Artifact Adjustment: Artifact effects now apply to Museum Relic bonuses in addition to skills (i.e. if a secondary commander is equipped with an artifact, all skills and Museum Relic bonuses they have that apply to one unit type will apply to a different unit type instead).
  • Adjusted the duration of some Lost Kingdom Chronicles.
  • Reduced the number of Lvl 7 Passes from 6 to 3.
  • Expanded the area of the King’s Land.

After the update, the artifact adjustments will take effect in all stories, while the rest of the optimizations will take effect in stories that are currently open for registration.

Alliance Mobilization Optimizations

  1. Registration Rules Adjustment: After the update, alliances that have registered for Alliance Mobilization can modify their lists of participating members at any time during the registration phase.
  2. Quest Attempt Rules Adjustment: For quests that are completed but not turned in within the time limit, you will be refunded your quest attempt.
  3. Quest Content Adjustment: New quests will be unlocked as you reach higher leagues. The new quests will earn you different points and rewards.

Quality of Life Optimizations:

  • After accepting a quest, you will be automatically directed to the quest when you visit the event page.
  • Added the ability to preview the rewards of higher leagues.
  • Added the ability to preview league promotions and demotions on the competition leaderboard.

PC Version Optimizations

Optimized the display format of the Profile page and the function of the ESC key. You can use the ESC key to open your Profile or close pop-up windows.

Other Optimizations

Adjusted how some Ark of Osiris battlefield skills take effect to prevent overlap between the same skill effects.

Chat System Optimizations:

  • Added the ability to recall recently-sent messages. You can now unsend messages you sent by mistake.
  • Added the ability to edit recently-sent messages. Only text-based messages (including ones with emojis) can be edited.
  • Added the ability to quote messages. You can use the quote feature to reply directly to another governor’s message.
  • Optimized the layout of some pages.

Troop Dispatch Optimizations:

  • Added a “Hold position after attack” option to the Settings page. After enabling the option, your troop will not automatically return to your city after defeating enemy governors’ troops on the map.
  • When dispatching a troop to build an Alliance Flag, Alliance Fortress, or other buildings, you can toggle an option to garrison the troop in the building after construction is completed.
  • When dispatching a troop to build an Alliance Flag, Alliance Resource Points within the range of the Alliance Flag will be highlighted.

Added a feature to troop markers. When selecting or targeting a troop with a troop marker, the troop marker will flash.

When viewing the city of a fellow alliance member, you can tap the alliance name on the governor’s profile panel to jump to the governor on the Alliance Members page.

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