Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.79 “Surging Spring” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.79 “Surging Spring” Update

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.79 “Surging Spring” on 2024/02/26 UTC. Before the update, you can download data in advance via the Update Version tab on the events page to earn rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Spring Events Coming Soon!

The cattails dance their dance as the songbirds sing of a new spring. Our Spring event series is about to begin, and we’ve prepared a ton of fun events for you to enjoy:

  • Fisherman’s Fortune: Break out your tackle box, for wonderful rewards await you among the waves.
  • Come Into the Garden: Collect Trowels to tend your garden. Earn tons of rewards, including Bait for the Fisherman’s Fortune event!
  • Barbarian Incursions: Complete incursions to recover the Commerce Council’s cargo!
  • Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  • Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand new city theme!
  • In Search of Wonders: Unearth valuable armaments to pave your path to greatness. For this In Search of Wonders event, we’ve added new formations to choose from, and adjusted the number of times you can take part in the event. *The In Search of Wonders event is only open to kingdoms that are in Season 3 or the Season of Conquest at the start of the event.
  • Race Against Time: Test your speed and strength in this race to defeat as many barbarians as possible within the time limit! See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. Some events will only be available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days.

Formation and Armament Improvements

New Formations and Inscriptions

  • Added the Testudo and Circle formations.
  • Added new “rare inscriptions”. Rare inscriptions are between special inscriptions and common inscriptions in strength.
  • You will be able to find armaments with rare inscriptions and armaments for the two new formations in Formation Choice Chests and Random Armament Chests. They will only be included in chests obtained from Crusader Achievements, Armament Shops, bundles, and events that open after the update, as well as both ongoing and newly-opened Lucerne Scrolls.
  • Armaments with rare inscriptions and armaments for the two new formations have been added to the reward list for traveling, dispatches, and other features.

New Guaranteed Rare Inscription Feature

  • If you acquire 150 Legendary armaments for a single formation, one of those armaments is guaranteed to have a rare or better inscription.
  • We have also recorded how many Legendary armaments each governor has acquired in the past. We will later be compensating governors with Rare Inscription Armament Chests via mail.

New Item for Resetting an Armament’s Transmutation Chances

  • New Item: Transmutation Crystals. If you have already transmuted an armament the maximum number of times, you can spend a Transmutation Crystal to reset the armament’s transmutation chances.
  • In Season of Conquest Lost Kingdoms that begin after the update, Transmutation Crystals will be added to the list of Crusader Achievement rewards

State Forum Travel and Dispatch Improvements

  • Before traveling or beginning a dispatch, you can select 3 preferred formations. If you earn an armament from traveling or dispatches, it is guaranteed to be for one of your preferred formations.
  • Travel and dispatch rewards will no longer include resource items or speedups.
  • The preferred formation feature will appear after the update once you have completed your current dispatches.

Ark of Osiris and Osiris League Updates

  • Osiris League Season 8 is about to start! Get ready to fight tooth and nail over the Ark of Osiris!
  • Optimized “delayed spectate” mode for Ark of Osiris and other related events: You can now view battlefield building information in delayed spectate mode. Added playback controls to delayed spectate mode (e.g. fast-forward and rewind). Reduced overall lag in delayed spectate mode. *Delayed spectate mode is when there is a delay between the actual match and the match stream you are watching.
  • New Individual Stats Page for Ark of Osiris and Related Events: You can go to “Governor Profile – Ark of Osiris – Individual Stats” or “Campaign – Ark of Osiris – Individual Stats” to view your new Ark of Osiris personal statistics page. You can also view another governor’s personal statistics by opening their profile and going to “Ark of Osiris – Individual Stats”.

Season of Conquest Improvements

  • Adjusted/added certain Crusader Achievement rewards in the Season of Conquest Path of Greatness. After the adjustment, the total number of Conquest Coins you can earn from the Path of Greatness will be increased by 3.
  • Increased the purchase limit of blueprints in the Season of Conquest Combat Shop. You can now purchase 2 of each blueprint per Season.
  • Added a new Legendary-quality engineering accessory blueprint to the Season of Conquest Combat Shop. You can visit the Blacksmith to learn more about this new accessory.
  • *Season of Conquest changes will only take effect for Season of Conquest Lost Kingdoms that start after 2024/03/05 00:00 UTC.

Peerless Scholar Changes and Improvements

  • The updated Peerless Scholar event will now include Mock Exams, a Preliminary, and a Final Exam. Mock Exams will not affect your qualification for the Final Exam.
  • You can take one Mock Exam each day from Monday to Friday. The Preliminary and Final Exam will take place once every two weeks.
  • he Preliminary and Final Exam now use a point system. You earn points for each question answered correctly, and must earn a certain number of points to pass. If you pass the Preliminary or Final Exam, you’ll be able to split a pool of Gems with all the other governors who passed.
  • By completing Mock Exams, you can earn Flashes of Insight. You can use Flashes of Insight in the Preliminary or Final Exam to eliminate one incorrect answer from a question.
  • The new Peerless Scholar event will first open in March. See in-game for more details and a specific schedule.

Commander Story Improvements

  • Added commander stories for Zhuge Liang, Ishida Mitsunari, and Yi Seong-Gye.
  • Commanders will no longer stand near Hospitals or unit training buildings while waiting to speak with you.
  • Added the option to exit conversations you have already seen before, allowing you to claim rewards for the conversation directly.

Alliance Passlist and Blocklist Improvements

  • Added a new application queue for passlisted governors: If your alliance is currently full, applications from passlisted governors will be added to a special queue. If a space opens up in your alliance, governors in the passlist application queue will be automatically added to your alliance in order of application.
  • Added a new governor search feature to the blocklist: Your alliance leader and counselor can now use the blocklist page to search for governors by nickname or ID and add them directly to your alliance blocklist.

Silk Road Improvements

  • The action point cost for troops to pick up dropped supplies has been reduced from 100 to 80.
  • After your kingdom has entered the Season of Conquest, you have a chance to find Sovereign Keys when picking up dropped supplies.

PC Version Improvements

  • Optimized the visuals of certain effects and improved overall visual quality.

Other Improvements

  • Optimized the “jump to city” bubble (i.e. the bubble on the map that points towards your city): Moved the bubble closer to the edge of the screen to reduce the chance of accidentally pressing it. Added a new option in the settings to hide the bubble.
  • Optimized the minimap display in all game modes.
  • When selecting a kingdom from the Kingdom Overview page, you can now see your current immigration cooldown time (i.e. how much time you have to wait before immigrating again).
  • “Kills” have been changed to “kill points” on the special immigration approval page.

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