Best 10 Mistakes New Players Make In Rise of Kingdoms 2021

Best 10 Mistakes New Players Make In Rise of Kingdoms

Every new player makes mistakes that will impact them later. So you must try to avoid mistakes as s new player if you are planning to grow. Players usually make mistakes with leveling too many commanders at the same time, not joining alliance, not saving speedups, etc.

Here you will find some important stuff, but you will need a lot more knowledge. So check our other guides especially our Tier 5 units guide where you have all steps that will boost your research process in Rise Of Kingdom.

1. Leveling Up Too Many Commanders

If you level to many commanders at the same time you will not be so strong as someone who haves max level commanders.

You need to pick commander that you want to level to max level. It will give you more talent points that you can use. It takes a long time to max one commander but its worth it.

2. Level Up Your Secondary Commanders

You want your secondary commander to be level 30. Do not go above level 30 because there is no reason.

With level 30 you unlock all his skills. But the main reason why not to go above level 30 with a secondary commander is that his talent tree will not work when fighting. So there is no point to level him up. Primary commander ( gear, skills, talent tree) Secondary commander (skills).

Check our full guide on leveling commander guide. 

3. Gearing your commander

Only gear commander that you will use as primary. If you put the gear on secondary commander it will not have any effect same as talent tree. So focus on the primary commander.

4. Upgradin commander skills

Do not go and waste your universal sculptures randomly. You want to focus on commanders that you will use and invest in them all you have. You want to unlock commander expertise skill as soon as you can.

5. Join an alliance

You have to join the alliance as soon as you can. You want to find an alliance that haves strong technology. It will reduce your building time, gathering time, you will get army bonuses.

If you get in spender alliance it will boost you so much. When people buy in-game packs whole alliance will get a chest that can contain speedups, gems and many more good things.

If you are low with ress you can always ask your alliance member, to send you some if they have.

With your alliance members, you can kill forts, do events, and much more. Having a good alliance is very important in Rise of Kingdoms.

Alliance research bonus Rise of Kingdoms

6. Do not create alliance

The first thing is when you create your alliance you will not have territory, members, technology, you will have nothing… It takes time to make a good alliance.

If you make your alliance and you put your fort near other alliance you are a big target to get attacked. It’s better to join the alliance that you want to build your reputation.

If you are active and helping your alliance you will with time be r4. To be a leader of an alliance takes so much time and thing. But if you are someone who loves to be a leader go for it.

7. Not doing right things in Rise of Kingdoms

Many new players are forgetting to farm, build, research, train troops, etc. You want to enter the game 3 times a day to kill barbarians.

If you do not have attack points then send your commanders to farm resources.

You want to check your builders. Do not let them idle. Go check your Academy, are you researching.

Go and Train troops. Do not be lazy you want to be productive. You do not want to waste time.

8. Using Resource Tokens When You Do Not Need Them

Just do not use them if you do not have to. Someone can scout you and steal your resources.

Fewer resources you have in the city when someone scouts you, it is better. Nobody will attack your city if they see low numbers of resources.

9. Save your speedups and resources

You want to save your speedups and resources to win events like Mightiest Governor Event. If you are free to play it will be hard to win any event that haves good rewards.

But if you plan, save, invest you can win. I won mightiest governor events with free to play account but it took big preparation and calculation. I will make a guide on how to do it soon.

speedups rise of kingdoms

10.Wrong talent tree build

Most of the people who just started with playing rise of kingdoms do not know what is the best talent tree for their commanders. They will just make some random talent tree build. Please avoid that.

If you build your commander with the wrong talent tree not that you will lose a lot of value in battels but you will need to buy talent reset also. It just not worth to waste gems like that. So I advise you to see our full list of best talent tree builds for each commander. 

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