Best Ramesses II Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

Ramesses II is a new archer commander in Rise Of Kingdoms that can be obtained with a wheel of fortune. Ramesses is only a good commander for countering Richard I with the last skill that will block all healing for 2 seconds. For filed combat Ramesses is ok.



Best Ramesses II Talent Tree Builds And Pairs


Ramesses II, also know as Ramesses the Great, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth-Dynasty of Egypt. He is often  regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful  of the New Kingdom.His successors and later  Egyptians ca Ancestor”.  He is known as Ozymandias in Greek sources , from the first part of Ramesses’ regnal name, Usermaatre Setepenre, “The part of Ramesses’ regna Setepenre, “The  of Ra is powerful, Chosen of Ra”. Ramesses II led several military expeditions into the Levant,  reasserting Egyptian control over Canaan. He also led  expeditions to the south into Nubia, commemorated in  inscriptions at Beit el-Wali and Gerf Hussein. The early part of his reign was focused building cities, temples, and  monuments. He established the city of Pi-Ramesses in the Nile  Delta as his-new capital. He is believed to have taken the  throne in his late teens and is known to have ruled Egypt from  1279 to 1213 BC. Manetho attributes Ramesses II a reign of 66 years and 2 months most Egyptologists today belive he assumed the trone on may 1279BC, based on his know accession date of III Season of the Harvest, day 27. Estimates of his age at death vary; most likely.  Ramesses II celebrated an-unprecedented thirteen or fourteen  ed festivals (the first held after 30 years of a pharaoh’s reign,  , every three years) during his reign—more than any  other pharaoh. Onhisdeath, he was buried in a tomb in the  Valley of the Kings; his body was later moved to a royal cache  where it was discovered in 1881, and is now o display in the Egyptian Museum.

Ramesses II Talent Tree Build

Ramesses II Talent tree Build

Rise Of guides Ramesses II Talent tree Build

Ramesses II Guide

Ramesses II is best commander in Rise Of Kingdoms for countering Richard I. But for that you will need to have max skills for Ramesses II. King of Kings skill will block healing from Richard I.

Ramesses II will be a great commander for rallying flags and buildings because of good attack buffs and defend debuffs but it will be extremely good against Richard as Leading commander in buildings.

For field fighting, Ramesses II will be ok but no so good. Archers in general, have a bad time for field fighting. Edward and Ramesses II will be a good combo for field fighting because 70% march speed so you can escape while being focused.

My advice is if you are not a high spender or you are not rally leader in AOO and KVK just skip him. There are other good commanders that you want to get. Overall i advise people to stay away from archers because they are not worthy to have as free to play of small spender. They are focused a lot and can fill up your hospital very fast.

Ramesses II Pairings

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Yi Seong-Gye Yi Seong-Gye

Is the best pair for now. Yi Seong-Gye will provide a good amount for rage generation and skill damage.

Hermann Hermann

Are the best counter for Richard I because of Hermann’s bonus stats and silence. Ramesses II ability to block healing and Hermann silence for 2 seconds will destroy Richard.

Edward Edward

The best combo if you do not have Yi Seong-Gye or you are using him for other pairings. They will provide a lot of attack bonus and defense reduction. They will be a great combo for rallying and field fights. Together they will have around 70% march speed so you will be able to escape if you are focused on the field.

El Cid El Cid

I do not like El Cid. He is a terrible commander for Legendary status and Hermann is similar to him. You can go with combo El Cid and Ramesses II but only against Richard.

Ramesses II Skills

Ceremony of Karnak

Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 500), and reducing the target’s defense by 5% for 2 seconds. 

The Poem of Pentaur

Passive Skill Increases led archery units’ attack by 20% while on the map.

Archer Attack Bonus:20%/25%/30%/35%/40

Army of Amun

Passive Skill
When armies led contains only archer units, decreases skill damage taken by  10%. There’s a 10% chance when attacked to increase led Attack by  20% and March Speed by 20%, lasts for 3 seconds.  

Nefertari’s Companionship

Passive Skill

Led troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal slightly wounded
units (Healing Factor 200), and increases troops’ defense by 20% for 3

Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor: 200 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500
Defense Bonus: / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%

King of Kings

Enhanced: Ceremony of Karnak

Without Expertise
Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 800), and reducing the target’s defense by 25%
for 2 seconds.

With Expertise
Deals continuous damage to a single target (Damage Factor 1000), and reducing the target’s defense by
30% for 2 seconds, and the target cannot receive any healing for 2 seconds.

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