Insane Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build and Guide

Aethelflaed is by far the most useful commander in every aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. A lot of people will say that Aethelflaed is there for free to play players but that is not true. Most of the pay to win players will use her in fights because of the first skill.


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Discover Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build


Aethelflaed Guide

Aethelflaed is the first legendary commander in Rise Of Kingdoms that is free and easy to get. All Aethelflaed sculptures can be obtained in the Expedition Store.

Aethelflaed is by far the most useful commander in every aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. From PVP fighting to killing barbarians.A lot of people will say that Aethelflaed is there for free to play players but that is not completely true. Most of the pay to win players will use Aethelflaed in fights because of the first skill, not because of damage but because of attack, defense, and health reduction. 

The second skill will provide you some protection from counter damage so your nuking commander can do damage safely. Calvary slow will help you to hunt that annoying fast calvary marches. 

The third skill will help you to nuke forts and to kill barbarians fast. Bonus is that she will give you extra experience for killing barbarians.
Because she can hit up to five targets you can pull more than one barbarian at the same time. Barbarian pulling is good because you can for the same amount of action points kill more barbarians. You need to learn how to that. It can be tricky but it’s not that hard to learn.

Forth skill will provide you more Army capacity and bonus damage for 3 different units. We all know that some people will always send wrong troops in a rally when you are attacking the fort. This will fix your problem.

Last skill- 20% extra damage is nothing game-changing but it will help you definitely.

Field fighting- Aethelflaed is an insanely good commander for big fights where there are a lot of enemy troops like in AOO, KVK and in Sunset Canyon. 

Now you are wondering why is she so good? 

Just look at Aethelflaed’s first skill. 30% of health, Defense, and damage reduction is insanely good for big fights. Aethelflaed can hit up to 5 targets and reduce their stats for 2 seconds . The main target will get a reduction for 5 seconds. That will open the opportunity to nuke down troops.For field fights, you want to have Aethelflaed alive as much you can and try to protect her so she can do more AOE damage.

Now lets imagine scenario of big fights. Let’s say, 5vs5 fight. Now when 5 players bring Aethelflaed stats reduction will be constantly on. That will give you a huge advantage because 30% of stats reduction is a lot. I can’t tell you how much Aethelflaed is an important commander for Rise Of Kingdoms.

Rallying Fort- A lot of people do not have the best commanders for attacking forts like Cao Cao and Minamoto but this is were Aethelflaed will come and replace them. With Bonus damage to barbarians, more army capacity and nuke you will be able to melt barbarians forts. 

Barbarians– While attacking barbarians make sure that for the secondary commander you will use someone that you want to level up.

Aethelflaed Pairings

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You can pair Aethelflaed with commanders like Cao Cao Richard Sun Tzu but I would not advise you to do that because you can use them with other commanders that will benefit more then Aethelflaed.

The best pair with Aethelflaed for destroying barbarian forts are Cao Cao, Boudica, and Minamoto. For this, you must use Aethelflaed as primary so you can benefit from army capacity.

Aethelflaed is a good pair for him because of his first skill that will provide slower. With more slow, you will be able to have constantly 20% bonus damage up and You will be able to lock down any cavalry march. Baibars is also a commander that can attack five targets at the same time.

He is a very good commander for Aethelflaed but I will not advise this because you have other commanders that will benefit more with Yi Seong Gye.

She is a decent pair for Aethelflaed but not because of damage. This duo is full support that you will use in big fights where you want to support your teamates. Aethelflaed will provide stats reduction and Joan will boost stats of your teamamtes.