Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.83 “Eternal City” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.83 “Eternal City” Update

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.83 “Eternal City” on 2024/06/27 UTC. Before the update, you can download data in advance via the Update Version tab on the events page to earn rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Introducing chapter two of the Rise of Kingdoms Global Civilizations Collab Project! Relive the wonders of civilization across thousands of years!
The Rise of Kingdoms x National Roman Museum collab event has arrived! Take part in the event for an exclusive city decoration and experience the ancient legends of Rome.
*This event will only be launched in regions where all kingdoms have been open for over 21 days.

Global Civilizations Collab Project

Along with chapter two of the Global Civilizations Collab Project, the Rome-themed Eternal City event series is about to begin! Welcome to the city where all roads lead. Are you ready to enjoy a wealth of exciting holiday events?

  • Roman Holiday: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Vir Triumphalis: Collect Gold Leaves and celebrate the triumphant march of the legions!
  • Saturnalia: Exchange Phalerae and Gold Wreaths for incredible rewards!
  • Arms Training: Armsmaster Lohar throws down the gauntlet!
  • Tempest Clash: The ocean is calling and the cannons are roaring! Unfurl your sails and wrest control of the high seas!
  • In Search of Wonders: Unearth valuable armaments to pave your path to greatness. The In Search of Wonders event will feature armaments for the new staggered formation. The In Search of Wonders event is only open to kingdoms that are in Season 3 or the Season of Conquest at the start of the event.

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. Some events will only be available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days.

Ark of Osiris Match Info and Other Improvements

The sound of battle has returned to these windswept sands! The Osiris League Grand Finals have begun once more. Who shall earn the champion’s trophy? We invite you to feast your eyes on this mighty competition!

We have made a variety of changes to this year’s Osiris League Grand Finals:

  • Delay: Info about ongoing Grand Finals matches and the in-game spectator livestream will now be delayed by 5 minutes. Grand Finals-related events and betting result messages will also be delayed by 5 minutes.
  • Equipment and Armaments: At the start of the Osiris League Grand Finals, all participants will be provided with equipment and armaments to use. They will be recalled at the end of the Grand Finals.

Added a tournament history feature for Ark of Osiris events:

  • You can view a record of past tournament results through the Ark of Osiris page.
  • The tournament history feature includes video replays of the Osiris League Playoffs, Osiris League Grand Finals, and Grand Prix.
  • The tournament history feature will include replays from the current year and the previous year, but only starting from 2024.

New Season of Conquest Story “Shifting Gears” Pioneer Event Coming Soon!

New features in this story:

  1. Commander Revamp: Revamping a commander allows them to lead skirmisher/artillery troops and learn a new active/expertise skill.
  2. Shifters: These new units will redefine the way you approach ranged combat. If a revamped commander is the primary commander of a troop, all the troop’s units will be automatically converted into shifters. Shifters have the same base attributes as siege units but half the Load. They do not counter and are not countered by any unit types.
  3. Bonus Conversion: If a revamped commander is the primary commander of a troop on the map, certain bonuses from equipment, talents, formations, armaments, technologies, the Museum, and city themes will be converted into bonuses for shifter units, depending on the commander’s original talents. For example, if a revamped commander has the “infantry” tag, all infantry bonuses from the above sources will be converted into shifter bonuses. In addition, melee damage bonuses will be converted into ranged damage bonuses.
  4. Skirmisher Troops: A new type of troop that can launch ranged attacks without switching to ranged mode, but takes increased damage. Deals bonus damage when there are no enemy governor troops within a certain range. Only revamped commanders or those with the engineering talent can use their active skills when leading skirmisher troops.
  5. Artillery Troops: A new type of troop that can launch high-damage ranged attacks. It has much longer range than traditional ranged troops, but a limited firing angle. Only revamped commanders or those with the engineering talent can use their active skills when leading artillery troops.
  6. Revamp Coins: You will need to spend Revamp Coins each time you revamp a commander. You will automatically gain Revamp Coins every hour, and can also earn them by completing Bastion Quests.
  7. Alliance Arrow Towers: Crusader Flags can be transformed into Alliance Arrow Towers, which will attack nearby non-friendly cities. Their attacks will reduce the target city’s Wall Durability but will not deal damage to units garrisoned in the city.

New Features and Events!

  • Experience the all-new Cityscape platform! From the city editor, you’ll be able to upload your city layout to Cityscape or apply someone else’s layout to your own city.
  • Participate in the Armament, Reveal Thyself event! Select your preferred formation to stock the event shop with armaments for that formation. Info about these armaments will be partially hidden, but will be fully revealed once you purchase the armaments with Armament Tickets.
  • *The event is only open to kingdoms that are in Season 3 or the Season of Conquest at the start of the event. See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.
  • The Recruitment Plaza has been launched! Kingdoms in the Season of Conquest can publish recruitment ads in the Plaza, which can be viewed and filtered by potential immigrants.

Season of Conquest Story Improvements and Museum Updates

Museum Update:

  1. Added Exhibits for Guan Yu and Leonidas I to the Museum. Unlocked the next level of upgrades for the Museum Relics of Thutmose III, El Cid, and Yi Seong-Gye.
  2. Fixed a bug in some stories where effects obtained during the story would be improperly carried over to your original kingdom, namely effects obtained from Seasonal Strategies in the King of the Nile story, effects obtained from Stratagems in the Storm of Stratagems story, effects obtained from Alliance Directives and Personal Directives in the Tides of War story, and effects obtained from Artifacts in the Warriors Unbound story.
  3. Updated Lost Kingdom Barbarian Keeps. These changes will take effect starting with the Season of Conquest beginning on 2024/07/02 at 00:00 UTC. Added a new Keep difficulty level to challenge. Added Animal Bones to Bloodfist Bargha’s loot table. Added new Keep resource centers. These resource centers will expire after a period of time, but new ones will regularly spawn. If your alliance defeats Bloodfist Bargha, your alliance will automatically occupy the Keep’s resource centers. Your troops cannot be attacked while gathering from a Keep resource center occupied by your alliance. Higher-level Keeps will spawn more resource centers, and those resource centers will have greater resource reserves.
  4. We’ve remastered the Heroic Anthem story with an all-new map! We’ve kept the same map elements and story while completely upgrading the visuals of Holy Sites, Passes, water, and mountains for a richer and more immersive experience.
  5. Updated Great Ziggurat and Citadel rules: If the Great Ziggurat and its Citadels are occupied by two different alliances, but the alliances are in the same coalition, the Citadels will not attack the Great Ziggurat’s defenders.

Immigration Optimizations

  • Cross-season immigration now requires putting down a deposit of 20,000 Gems: Once you receive eligibility to immigrate to a kingdom, a deposit of 20,000 Gems will be deducted from your account. If you don’t receive eligibility, you will not need to pay a deposit. Once you’ve finished immigrating to the kingdom, your deposit will be refunded to you. If your immigration eligibility expires and you still haven’t immigrated to the kingdom, your deposit will be lost.
  • If you have enabled secondary password verification, you will need to complete verification with your secondary password before doing anything immigration-related.
  • Governors with less than 10,000,000 power are not eligible for cross-season immigration.
  • Lowered the power limit for cross-season immigration from 100,000,000 to 85,000,000.

Other Improvements and Event Updates

Updated the description of Liu Che’s expertise skill “Above All Kings”. This change does not change the skill’s actual effect.

Improved the layout of certain pages:
Mobile: Increased the number of troops icons displayed in the troop dispatch queue on the right side of the UI to 5.
Added the “Show Full Dispatch Queue” option in the Settings. When enabled, the troop dispatch queue will be able to show 7 troop icons at a time. Troop icons may be automatically resized depending on your device.

Improved the experience of dispatching multiple troops at the same time:
When using the “Multi Select” feature to dispatch multiple troops at once, the system will only select troop loadouts from the same section (e.g. only Blue loadouts or only Red loadouts).
Added the “Troop Loadouts Include Equipment/Armaments” option in the Settings. If disabled, loading a troop loadout will no longer load its equipment/armament setup.

Improved the City Theme transmog feature: The first time you transmog City Theme A into City Theme B, you will need to spend Little Brushes. Any subsequent times you transmog City Theme A into City Theme B, you will not need to spend Little Brushes. After the update, we will compensate governors who previously spent Little Brushes to transmog the same city themes multiple times.

Improved equipment security: If you have enabled secondary password verification, you will need to complete verification with your secondary password to forge, refine, awaken, or dismantle Legendary equipment.

Improved alliance management:
Added new rules for automatic alliance disbandment and automatic alliance leadership transfer. See the alliance page for details.
Alliance officers can now modify the garrison captains of buildings in the kingdom and Lost Kingdom map.
Alliance officers can now see if a given alliance member (including the leader) is online.

After your kingdom enters the Season of Conquest, a Random Blueprint Fragment Chest (Engineering) of Legendary quality will be added to the VIP Shop.

Added new narrative content to various parts of the game.
You may now gift commanders Golden Apples directly from the commander page.
Redesigned the layout of the Road of Glory page.
Optimized the rules text of certain events for improved readability.

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