Rise of Kingdoms beginner guide 2021


If you are a new Rise Of Kingdoms player you will have to learn a lot. There is much stuff that you need to know that will help you a lot. The most important thing is to be active and to be patient.

I have more than 740 days of Rise Of Kingdoms login days, got my tier 5 units as free to play player, got zeroed then rebuilt my troops, was part of 4  kvk and playing on k1002 one of oldest and strongest kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms.

To get everything max in Rise of Kingdoms you will need to have patience and time. 

So if you are beginner you have to know few tips and tricks. 

  • Do not fight – with fighting you will slow your growing process, lose resources and speedups. Try to avoid that at the start as much you can. 
  • Speedups- Use universal speedups only for technology because it takes way much more time to get t5 research then buildings to max level. 
  • Action points- spend all your free action points on barbarians. Never let your action bar to get full.
  • VIP- invest in your VIP level. It will help you a lot. 
  • AVOID MISTAKES – there is a lot of mistakes that you can do at the start of Rise of Kingdoms. Learn more about mistakes in 10 mistakes guide. 
  • Scout village- they will give you a lot of speedups, some researches and troops. Great way to speed up your growing process. 
  • Learn how to gather– the gathering is very important in Rise Of Kingdoms. you will need resources for everything primarily at the late game when upgrading and healing will cost a lot. 
  • Leveling commander- commanders need a lot of experience to get on the max level. Levels are important for talent trees. 
  • Make a farm account– farm account will help you to progress faster in the game. Fighting and upgrading in Rise Of Kingdoms can be expensive so farm account will help you a lot. 
  • Focus on the castle– the castle is by far hardest building to upgrade. It will take you a lot of time and gems to get it on level 25. Start focusing on the castle from start. 

Check this guide on how to get tier 5 faster. It’s for more advanced players but make sure to check it out. It will help you drastically, you can learn a lot of new things that you do not know. 

Is Rise Of Kingdoms pay to win game?

Yes, Rise Of Kingdoms is pay to win game like every mobile game. People are spending an insane amount of money in Rise of Kingdoms. They will have a big advantage over you. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY RISE OF KINGDOMS. 

When Rise of Kingdoms was first released there was no Kingdom vs Kingdom or Arc of Osiris. Every kingdom was in a big mess, a whole alliance would get zeroed overnight by some big spender. Today it’s a different story when we have Kingdom vs Kingdom. 

Now all alliances in Kingdom work together to destroy other kingdoms in KVK. Everyone is friendly and you will be able to grow and farm as much you want. 

Every kingdom haves a big spender but now that big spender will help and protect every free to play player, he will buy gold chest etc. Big spender can not win KVK alone so they need help from free to play players and smaller spenders. 

But the most important reason why you should play Rise of Kingdoms is a community. Everyone is friendly in the kingdom and willing to help you. At any time of day when you log in, there will be someone who is willing to talk. 

You will see how Rise of Kingdoms is a community-based game and that you will have a lot of fun. 

As a player who played every possible mobile game, Rise of Kingdom has the best balance between pay to win and free to play and only game that listens to community and feedback. Start playing Rise Of Kingdoms you will not regret it. 

What is the best Kingdom for beginners

If you are just starting with the new Rise of Kingdoms account my advice is to start on a new brand kingdom. You will be all on the same level as other people. 

New kingdoms have an event called Rise of Kingdoms that is for brand new kingdoms. It will help you a lot. 

If You want to have some starting advantage you can make a jumper account. For that, you can check the jumper account guide.

One more thing is that if you do not like the kingdom/server that you are in, you can migrate to another. All you need is to get is passport pages. 

Best civilization for new players and free to play players.

Rise Of Kingdoms Best civilization for new players

The first thing to mention is that civilization will not make a huge difference in the game but it will help you. 

I would recommend Spain. Spain is great for new players. With France, you will get Joan Of Arc that is one of the best epic commanders in the game. Also, she is one of the best gathering commanders. Gathering commanders at the start will help you a lot to get your resources. 

If you do not like France you can choose Britain or Spain. 

You can always change civilization later if you do not like it. 

Best commanders for beginners

Rise Of Kingdoms best commanders for new players

In Rising of Kingdoms it’s hard to say what commander is the best. Every commander has some kind of role. You can check the commander tier list to see what is the best commander but the tier list is only for late game. 

For new player I would recommend is Scipio and Joan Of Arc 

Now there is a legendary commander that every free to play can get and that is Aethelflaed. With time you will max here with the expedition. 

Do not use universal sculpture in gathering commanders like Cleopatra. It is not worth it. 

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