Best 20+ Commander Tips for New Players 2021

Rise OF Kingdoms Commander Tips for New Players

There is a lot of tips and tricks that you must know amount commander in Rise of Kingdoms because the right usage of commanders will speed up your progress in upgrading them. You can use your commanders for killing barbarians, gathering, Building flags or forts, etc.

I can say that commanders are more important than technology and now you are wondering why? 

Now let’s say you have tier 4 troops with max commanders with right talent build and I have tier 5 troops with half max commanders. I will lose duel so hard. I can not tell you enough how commanders are playing a big role in this game.

That is why I made this best 20+ commander tips for you just for a start so you can understand the game better.

Best Ways to Level Up your Commanders

  1. Farming barbarians- a good amount of experience, rewards and you want to use commander with peacekeeping commander.
  2. Fighting Sanctum Guardians. This will give you the highest amount of XP in the game without the cost of Action Points. In zone 1 and 2 they give the most experience.
  3. Using books that give experience.
  4. Before killing barbarians see is there any rune on the map that give experience bonus. 
  5. The expedition is a great way to obtain experience books. So try to push your expedition to the max. 

Killing Barbarians

To kill barbarians you will need action points. Green bar that you see under your name. You want to send commander with peacekeeping talent tree as primary because you will get more experience and the cost of attacking barbarian will be reduced to 40 action points. 

When you attack barbarian do not send your troops home before killing barbarian because you will not get your attack points back.

 When you killed one cost of attacking another barbarian will be reduced by 2 action points. The maximum reduction of action points is 10. When your troops enter back to city reduction will be restarted. 

With peacekeeping talent tree and reduction of 10 action points, it will cost you 30 action points to kill barbarian. Now, most of the new players will say that 20 attack points are not much but they are wrong. You can kill many more barbarians and get more rewards.

Destroying forts

Barbarian forts are one more great way to level up your commander. If you are on the new server do not waste time on forts level 1 2 3 because it better to kill barbarians.

 But if someone in your alliance has strong commanders you can join and you will get great rewards. Rewards are better the killing barbarians but only if you and your alliance can kill forts that are level 4 5

Commander Type

In the rise of kingdoms, you have 4 types of commander. Advance, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Now if you just started game level what you have, after some time you want to focus on a single commander that you will use. 

When you max him then go on the next one. For Legendary commanders you need a lot of experience so best is to level epic commander for start then later you can choose if you want to invest in Legendary commanders. 

Commanders that you will not use as primary you do not need to level above level 30. With level 30 you will unlock all the skills that you need.

Pick your commander that you want to invest in

Focusing on the main commander is very important. The usage of universal sculptures on one commander is the best thing that you can do.

 You will unlock epic commander skills with time so if you make mistake do not worry, but for the legendary commander, it is a different story

. Do not waste your legendary sculptures on commanders that are not so good. You need to choose what legendary commander you want to focus on. 

I needed 300 days to get my first max legendary commanders as free to play. So you see how this is very important.

Check  our tier list  where you can check best commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms 

Where to Obtain Sculptures?

VIP-When you start the game it will be very hard to obtain sculptures. First thing is to focus on VIP levels. As faster you get VIP 10 the faster you will get max legendary commander. If you can get your VIP to level 12 because it will give you 2 legendary sculptures daily. 

EVENTS- A great way to obtain sculptures are events. They will give a good amount and bonus rewards that will speed up your process. 

ARK OF OSIRIS- Try to get in aoo team. Every win will give you 10 legendary sculptures and lose will give you 5. 

EXPEDITION– Try to push your expedition. It will give you more coins that you can spend to buy commanders in the shop.

Troop Capacity And Troop Dispatch

To get more troop capacity and troop dispatch you need to upgrade your city hall level. So focus on your city hall level.

You will be able to get more troops and more commanders on the field. Why is this important? First, you will be able to send more troops to farm resources, you will be able to kill barbarians faster.

Troop Capacity can be increased by commander skill or you can use army expansion items. Max troop dispatch is 5 and you unlock it with city hall level 22.

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